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Welcome to Light & Shadow

Welcome to Light and Shadow!

Light & Shadow has a long history (in MMORPG time) going back to the Fall of 1998 during beta testing on a little known game from Delta Tao, called Clan Lord. At its inception, Clan Lord was a Mac only game, but today is available to PC users as well. While its population has dwindled, and the graphics are antiquated, many Light and Shadow Guild members still maintain accounts and can be found “in the lands” with their old characters on at least one night each week.

Most of the inaugural L&S clan members are lost to time, but our Guild Master, Mad (aka MadMark), and his ever present accomplice Angela were among the five official “Clan” Founders when Clan Lord went live in April 1999. The “Clan” was founded on a principal of cooperation, exploration, and a community of friends. Nearly a third of the “exiles” were friends or acquaintances outside the game, and as we started having clan get-togethers in Southern California, this percentage of people who had met “in real life” increased to over half.

In Fall 2000, several members of Light and Shadow joined a hunting and exploration group formed by another clan, Pogue Mahone. PMF (Pogue Mahone & Friends) spent over two years at the forefront of exploring the outer lands, the newest and hardest areas in the Clan Lord universe. It was a group known for using tactics and strategy, versus simply throwing large numbers of characters at a difficult area or creature. PMF had get-togethers of its own, mostly in the San Francisco Bay area, during MacWorld in January and occasionally in summer, during the WWDC.

As updates to Clan Lord stagnated, interest waned and what had been an every night, non-stop adventure began to be more of a routine once or twice a week “been there, done that”, now what should we do? Most of us were Mac only, so there weren’t many alternatives. Then in 2003, talk about World of Warcraft “coming soon” picked up. It would be a game where Mac and PC platforms would run together!  Not only would we still be able to play together in a new world to explore, but we could invite our PC friends that hadn’t be able to join us in Clan Lord. Several of us got into the WoW beta and Pogue Mahone was formed as a guild including some of the PM “Friends” as its charter members. 

Three months of non-stop fun later, came the November 2004 opening of World of Warcraft. Game sets were pre-ordered, but of course, we had no idea what server names would be available to us. Then MadMark and Angela ran across several game boxes sitting on the shelf in the local Target, two days early!  Mad was on the computer the  installing at 9:00 Pacific when the first servers came up. He chose Kilrogg, and we’ve been here ever since. Some of our Pogue Mahone clanners, missed the initial choice of server. A few joined us later and some stayed where they were. Meantime, those of us on Kilrogg needed a guild. Mad started the guild charter, and named it Light and Shadow. 

We began with the core of PMF, adding L&S clanners as they discovered WoW. Then friends from other groups in Clan Lord joined us, friends from the workplace, friends from college... that says it all in a nutshell. The Light and Shadow Guild is a group of extended friends that enjoy gaming together. We still enjoy exploring (even if we aren’t first anymore) and we do what is possible to help our guildmates level up. We’ve played in the old battlegrounds together and separately (more than one of our guild attained the rank of Knight-Champion) and recently Klur created an Arena Team named Pogue Mahone. 

The biggest requirement for our guild, is to remember, have fun... “it’s only a  game.”

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