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Forums : Raid Topics > EoE bug issue
Vernis_warlock (Applicant) 1/24/2009 4:59 AM EST : EoE bug issue
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Since we will be doing EOE next week, i might as well bring this up..

After Patch 3.0.8, Malygos Phase 1 is currently Bugged...
Pet class suck as Locks, hunter...etc will be advise not to use their pet on Phase 1...
This is due to after "Vortex", the pet will  bugged Malygos and he will do a 360 Degree Flame  on whole Raid.
You can use your Pets on P2, no issue from there thou...

Speaking abt Phase 3,
as your guys noe the Drake fight is similar to the Dailies you do.. However do not be discourage if u fail miserable on that Dailies..
Malygo P3 drake fight is more easier...
For Dps u juz have to Stack ur fire (button 1) and use ur Shield according and avoid some of Malygo special abilities(Occulus similar).
We do have members assigned to Heal (for my case),
leave it to Leafie to work out the setup for CT version.. lol

Do read abt the Fight so u noe what i am talking abt...

Youtube Malygo fight

*Found an addon to track your stacks ... elper.aspx
You can try it on the Ace's High daily quest, the bars will show up too

tallinh (Applicant) 1/25/2009 3:25 AM EST : RE: EoE bug issue
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Thanks for that Vernis, I was just doing that daily yesterday and I'm sure Moonie can tell you there was a wee bit of cussing going on. I will say though that after doing it twice I did get much better.

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