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Welcome to the SHADOWS OF THE GRAVE Website!

A Tunare-Seventh Hammer Guild

 We play on Tunare-The Seventh Hammer server.  We are looking for members who feel they have something to give to our guild, such as friendship, comradery, and a sense of something bigger in this great game.  We are a tight group who believe in the one for all and all for one mentality.  You will get as much back as you give in this guild.  If you feel you have what it takes, contact an officer or the guild leader and let us know you are interested.  We work on epics, keys, progression flagging, and anything else we want to raid.  If you are a member of SOTG and need to get your member access to the site, please sign up on first if you do not have an account set up, then do a search for Shadows of the Grave to join and fill out the quick application.


Gumlakx's pet wipes the raid

Griznak, Sep 1, 15 11:15 AM.
In the Living Legacy Prowess event, pets get charmed regularly. Although I knew this, clicking my Phantom Assailant button when it is available is a deeply ingrained habit I do without thinking. I was in full burn mode when I clicked it, so the pet was cranking out close to 20K DPS. On my teammates.

I was surprised when half the raid suddenly dropped. Then I heard Padty say in Vent "Gumlakx's pet killed me". Fortunately, no rangers were harmed during this misadventure - Lavel survived.

Dagarn and Sevelak fall to the Alliance

Griznak, Feb 26, 15 9:01 AM.
With some friends, we took down Dagarn and Sevelak in Corrupted Temple of Veeshan (Rain of Fear raid zone). This ushers in a new era for Shadows of the Grave. Congrats to all of those who organized and participated in this event.

Clean up of website

waedon, Jan 25, 15 12:53 PM.
Cleaning and fixing is being done to this site. If you have not logged in, in more then 3 years then you will need to reapply. Some new thing are being worked on, so work is in progression in some area's, we are trying to make sure that all officers have that officership forum available, Yes there are forums for officers, senors and leaders. So if you rank in one of those area's and unable to see those forums, let me(Towering), cadena or gumlakx know so it can be fixed.


waedon, Jan 15, 15 7:18 PM.
As you will notice that on the Forums, I have set up a new topic... "Archives 2013 and earlier"  I have put all the old progression material there. So if your still interested in POP progression you will find it under the Archive area.


waedon, Jan 12, 15 10:00 PM.
when posting a info for progression or epic help, click "add info" once. Yes it was saved, more then once and you get multi's of the same info. :D
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