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Night Owls
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we have started over
Dec 13, 09 1:04 PM
11 Million rps
May 2, 08 3:57 AM
The Owls Adgenda
May 2, 08 3:53 AM
Albion's Pride
Sep 1, 07 12:03 AM
Welcome to the home of the Night Owls, a Dark Age Of Camelot guild for late night players in Albion. We were a guild on the Gareth server (Bossiney cluster) but now have a Guild House on Ywain4.  We cater to players who normally play during the off peak hours and are serious enough about the game to strive to excel but casual enough to have fun along the way.  We are actively seeking members who are willing to take a long-term approach to helping this guild achieve its goals, patiently putting aside their own individual goals in-game to help the guild overall, and knowing that eventually the guild will be helping them to reach those goals.  If this sounds like you, please take a moment to review the information about our guild by taking the links on the left side of the page.

we have started over

Wigret, Dec 13, 09 1:04 PM.
To all former members of Night Owls,

We have started Night Owls on the Ywain4 server.Wig,Wiz and Fuzz are there. Come join us!

11 Million rps

538939274_Inactive, May 2, 08 3:57 AM.
Nice work to all the Owls actively participating in RVR and earning the guild 11 million rps. Keep up the good job guys and we hope to see your alts all out in NF soon...

The Owls Adgenda

538939274_Inactive, May 2, 08 3:53 AM.
We are currently working towards:
Phase 1(a) - Guild Formation (done)
Phase 1(b) - Recruiting (done with proactive portion, but still inviting upon request)
Phase 1(c) - Infrastructure (done)
Phase 2(a) - Deciding which two toons per player for our RVR group (in process)
Phase 2(b) - Guild PL sessions (ongoing)
Phase 2(c) - Epic/Champ quests (in process)
Phase 3(a) - High-End PVE raids (starting)

Albion's Pride

Charonsorbit, Sep 1, 07 12:03 AM.
With ever changing times, Night Owls has now joined the Albion's Pride Alliance together with many members of the previous alliance.
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