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Ryders of Tempest
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Welcome To The
Ryders of Tempest

  • Guild Leader Laycie 
  • 1st In command Darknite
  • 2nd In command

We would like to Welcome you to Ryders of Tempest. This guild is built on family and friends, we are a working guild that trys hard to make all members happy within the guild. There is something for all to do, if you like to make friends, have fun while learning the game, do events, and yes we raid for those that are raid crazed. As a guild we stand on friends to all within or out of guild. We hope to have you as a part of the team, for this is not a guild made up of a leader and officers this is a guild made up of members with idea's and people just wanting to have fun getting the most they can out of the game.
////////////////////////HANDS OF PROPHETS//////////////////////
Hi, Hands of Prophets is a Newbie guild for those that are waiting to join Ryders of Tempest. This guild was thought up from members of Ryders to help lower lvl toons grow and lvl in order to become members to Ryders a High lvl guild.In Hands you will learn to group, raid, quest, events, all in all just good team work.As you learn the game you will be making life long friends with in game.Alot of the Officer's in Hands are Officers or members to Ryders.Hope to see you in game.
     Guild Leader Layciesue
      1st Officer Darktime
      2nd Officer   

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