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Idiocracy is currently not recruiting.
Welcome to Idiocracy...

Idiocracy is a mature guild comprised of only adults, and we pride ourselves on, among other things, our ability to keep the guild drama free while steadily progressing. As with any guild, some raiders have come and gone, but the leadership and core raiders have remained largely unchanged as we pushed through multiple full clears of every instance from Kara all the way through heroic ToC

Our current 25 man raid times are Tu/Wed/Thur/Sun from 7:30-11:30 CST, and we regularly run 10s on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. To maintain Raider Rank, you must be able to make 7/8 raids every 2 week period. We use a fixed price DKP system for all of our heroic raids (10 mans are /roll). Offset pieces are given out for 0 DKP to the highest roller

If this kind of environment interests you, read the pinned topics in our recruitment forum to check for class openings.

Other Guild News

[Website News] idiocracy has moved!

Xcruiser, Apr 2, 10 10:02 AM.
idiocracy has moved!

While we have been with GuildPortal for quite a long time, the lack of support and reliability from its service has driven us to find a more stable location to call home.

Our new website can be found at GuildLaunch.

Note:  All applicants to idiocracy who have not been formally addressed at the time of this posting(April 2nd, 2010) should reapply via our GuildLaunch website (Click "Apply to Guild" in the top of our "Currently Recruiting" class pane.)  We will no longer be approving applicants via this GuildPortal website.  Thank you!

[25man Progression] - Frozen Throne Clear!

Xcruiser, Mar 19, 10 11:34 AM.
3/16/10 - Frozen Throne Clear!  Lich King Dead!

This one took a bit longer than we anticipated, but that is just the way things turn out when: You lose your best geared tank to a promotion at work, a few core raiders "retire" at an inopportune time, and several other raiders are having computer hardware issues, making attendance lackluster at best.  idiocracy is no stranger to hardships, but the timing of these events spanned three weeks causing a huge strain on our morale.  While the Lich King is not the most difficult boss we have faced, he is no pushover and this is not an encounter you want to be stuck on while all of these things are happening.

Fortunately, the leadership of idiocracy is steadfast and took the necessary measures to keep us moving forward.  The raiders, both old and new, pushed onward with stalwart resolve and broke down this final wall that has greater significance than just another boss kill:  Our driving force can not be stopped.  Our efforts will not be abandoned.  We will persevere.

To the raiders who have been with us for awhile, your continued support is pivotal to our success.  Thank you.
To the new blood who have big shoes to fill, this is what we are all about.  Welcome.

Heroic Modes... Look out.  We're coming for you.


[25man Progression] - Frostwing Halls Clear!

Xcruiser, Feb 12, 10 10:41 PM.
2/8/10 - Frostwing Halls Clear!  Yes, that date is accurate.  Last week we were forced to move our Sunday raid to a Monday due to Super Bowl XLIV, but our turnout was fantastic anyway and everyone came hungry for a Sindragosa kill... despite a few being a little hungover from the football game festivities. <_<

Frostwing Halls is a well-scripted section of Icecrown Citadel.  The trash is pretty entertaining with the friendly NPCs getting killed then resurrected as enemies in that first corridor.  Valithria Dreamwalker is a nice change of pace considering it is a HPS race as opposed to your typical DPS conditions, but hopefully the Heroic version offers more of a challenge.  Sindragosa's trash, while short, was something of which I would personally like to see more.  AoE packs are incredibly boring, but "mini-boss" trash like Rimefang (with a ground and air phase) should be something Blizzard includes more in all of their raids from here on out to mix things up.  Sindragosa felt like she was going to be a push-over, but then there was Phase 3... 

<Expletive Deleted> Phase 3.

With all of his subordinates removed, I guess there is only one thing left to do...

Stay tuned.


Oh, and busy week + two massive snow storms = delayed post.  Bite me.

[25man Progression] - Crimson Hall Clear!

Xcruiser, Jan 25, 10 2:49 PM.
1/24/10 - Crimson Hall Clear!  The resurrected Blood Princes were entertaining with all of their flashy new abilities, but they went down easily after they finally became unlocked (Crimson Hall was still locked for us on the first night of its release - 1/19/10. -_-).  As the final boss of the wing, Blood-Queen was more challenging with her menagerie of familiar abilities(Legion Flame & Fatal Attraction, anyone?) coupled with the new "vampire" mechanic, but she too fell when we smoothed out the execution of our strategy. 

Nonetheless, another enjoyable wing.  Though with Blizzard having bosses return, I am beginning to wonder when a full-fledged old school NES "boss parade" is coming.  ^_-

In case you were wondering why I'm staring at Xyther: Yes, I am envious of Meta form for guild photos. =p /shakefist

Some day Hunters will get High Priest Thekal's Tiger form.  Some day...


p.s.  No "biting" puns in this post about vampiric bosses.  Aren't you proud of me?

[25man Progression] - Plagueworks Clear!

Xcruiser, Jan 15, 10 12:42 PM.
1/14/10 - Plagueworks Clear!  The trash and the boss encounters (Rotface & Putricide, specificially) are a welcome change to the first wing of Icecrown Citadel.  The characters and voice acting may be over-the-top, but the encounters themselves are a lot of fun.  Looking forward to the Crimson Halls!

p.s.  Precious!?  Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!


[25man Progression] - Realm First! Grand Crusader

Xcruiser, Nov 15, 09 1:27 AM.
On Tuesday, the 10th of November, idiocracy entered Crusaders' Coliseum expecting next to nothing.  There had been an ebb and flow in determination for several weeks prior as every sub-5% Anub'arak attempt that slipped away left us battered and bruised... but not broken.  Whatever possessed members of the raid that evening had been brewing for awhile.  Tuesday, that dormant potential was unleashed and offered no remorse.  At the end of this blind rampage, only shock remained -- for we had not only cleared Trial of the Grand Crusader for the first time... but 50 attempts were left on the counter.  Insane. 

You guys earned it.  Congratulations!

You may ask, "Well, you cleared all of that on Tuesday.  What else is there to do?".  Answer:  You tie up loose ends.


edit 11/19/09: More drakes!

In case you were wondering, Arthas didn't want to come out and play.


p.s.  Thank you for the support, Alexstraszians.

[25man Progression] - Realm First! Algalon the Observer

Xcruiser, Oct 14, 09 6:46 PM.
When you step into a raid instance for the first time, there are any number of thoughts that might be coursing through your mind at the time.  However, we all have one that persists there long after our initial glimpse:  Defeat the final boss.  Now, while there may be some mixed feelings on who the final boss of Ulduar is exactly, I feel a celestial being sent to Azeroth to initiate the process for "re-origination" may edge out Yogg-Saron on this one.  The Algalon encounter certainly does not fail to deliver on being one of the most memorable fights in the game to date.  The spectacular environment is as much a part of the encounter as Algalon himself.  Truly epic.  Blizzard, more like this, please.

It was a long road to get here, but well worth the trip.

Thank you for the congratulatory whispers!


[25man Progression] - (Heroic) Twin Val'kyr

Xcruiser, Oct 2, 09 7:54 PM.
Turns out they do not play fair...but neither do we.  Anub'arak will not be nearly as entertaining as being sandwiched inbetween this pair, but we have a bug to put back down once and for all. 

Anub'arak ahead.

This one was for you, Supa.  Big Balledness.


[10man Progression] :: A Tribute to Insanity

Xcruiser, Sep 27, 09 1:56 AM.
After overcoming one of the most ridiculous events I have witnessed thus far on Northrend Beasts, only "Insanity" can describe the focus and drive needed to keep our first attempt of the evening held together.  Succeeding in spite of misfortune makes us stronger, and that focus was rewarded tonight with another server first. 

Well done.

Congratulations to Averra, the lucky recipient of our first Swift Alliance Steed!

More to come.


[25man Progression] :: (Heroic) Faction Champions

Xcruiser, Sep 27, 09 1:18 AM.
A plague of random disconnects on every pull can only ruin so many attempts.  Faction Champions are friggin' cheaters.  Be warned.

Now we have a date with two lovely ladies.  Maybe they will play nice...


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