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Commandant Lady Aerybeth Duskfalcon

 We are many things. 

We are soldiers, and we are civilians.  We are the courageous and craven.  We are crusaders and assassins.  We are the simple and the scholarly.  We are patriots and we are mercenaries.  We are many faces, many lives, but one pack.  Prove your worth, find your mettle and your measure, and you have a place with us.  There is no opponent we will not challenge, and no battlefield is too good to recieve our offering of blood, pain, and sweat.  In the end, we take gold in exchange for our lives, but it's small compensation compared to the rush of victory and success on the job. 

Find your wolf's voice, be you orcish, trollish, tauren, elven or forsaken.  Find your voice and join our howl, for we will make of you a beast of war, a mind that cuts like a blade, or a faithful who burns bright as the Sunwell.

Survive with us, and your children's children will tell stories of you.  Stories that the bards in a dozen dozen taverns across the realm will share with the hopeful greats of generations to come.  Howl with us, run and ride with us.

Become Legend.

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