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Nov 14, 07 2:52 AM
Dragons Wrath is Born
Sep 15, 07 10:49 AM
Ronus is BACK!
Jun 3, 07 3:13 PM
Status Upgraded
Mar 20, 07 7:05 PM
Forums Up!
Mar 10, 07 2:06 PM

elcome to the Forum pages for Dragons Watch. Dragons Watch is a Mixed Kinship on the Silverlode Server with it's primary player base found within the game world of The Lord of the Rings Online : The Shadows of Angmar (aka. LOTRO). The Kinship was founded by a small group of real life friends and family upon hearing that a Massively Multiplayer Online game was going to be held within the Tolkien world of Middle Earth. We had been anticipating The Lord of the Rings Online ever since it was previously named Middle Earth Online and decided that a Kinship would be the best way to stick together throughout our battles.

We have since found the desire to grow and expand our player base to those that are interested in a fun loving atmosphere where being the "most UBER" is not the goal. There is singing and dancing, fireworks, and of course pipeweed smoking aplenty. Most of our player base resides on the Pacific Coast of the United States but we are looking to expand that as well. Our goal is to make sure everyone in Dragons Watch is enjoying their time within LOTRO while participating in an epic adventure across the lands of Middle Earth.

If you are interested in what Dragons Watch may have to offer you, please check out our Forums or our main site at

We're more than willing to help another Man, Hobbit, Dwarf, or Elf.

Good luck to you on your adventures!

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538727909_Inactive, Nov 14, 07 2:52 AM.
Hey all,

As you know, I have been hard at work on a new DW Forum.  It is now up and running and ready for your input.

You can reach the new forums at:


Go to and follow the 'Forums' link at the top of the page.

I have put in my request to cancel my subscription to Guild Portal (our current forum provider).  This will cut down costs for me and will make managing the forums a bit easier.

Please go sign up and take a look!  There is a Dragons Watch section ready for use, it just needs its members to take charge!

Dragons Wrath is Born

538769679_Inactive, Sep 15, 07 10:49 AM.
    We are quite happy to tell you that our Creep branch is now up and running, and that Pain is your tribal leader.  Please speak to him if you have any questions, and stay tuned for exciting DW Creep v. Freep events!

Ronus is BACK!

538727909_Inactive, Jun 3, 07 3:13 PM.

Wow! Dragons Watch has taken off!  We are at approximately 80 members now, and the great thing is that we all envision the same goals for LOTRO.  We all want to have a good time with great people!  I have been away for a while due to a move, and Thoromir did a great job taking the helm in my stead.  Everyone has progressed nicely through LOTRO and we have our first members approaching level 50.

I will be back in full force soon and I look forward to catching up to some of you and becoming reaquainted with you all :)

If you are here looking to join a fun, helpful Kinship in LOTRO, you've come to the right place!

Status Upgraded

538727909_Inactive, Mar 20, 07 7:05 PM.
Well it's been done.  I upgraded our Guild Portal Membership so that we are now no longer limited to 10 posts per topic.  I must admit that we have grown a bit faster than I was anticipating but we're keeping up with it :)  Let's do our best to use the forums and get to know each other a little bit better!

Forums Up!

538727909_Inactive, Mar 10, 07 2:06 PM.
The Dragons Watch Forums are now active.  I decided to go with Guild Portal due to the number of features they support.  I am considering upgrading to the Full version, but at the moment it is not neccessary.  I hope that you enjoy it.
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