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Server Merger
Jul 12, 07 6:26 AM
Guild Party
Jul 5, 07 6:14 AM
Help us test!
May 31, 07 7:43 AM
Building a Successful Guild.
May 29, 07 7:17 AM
Win a Custom Title
May 3, 07 6:21 AM

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Welcome to Crimson Steel!

Crimson Steel is a small time guild with big time members.  We don't mass recruit members we are strictly word of mouth.  Our goal is quality of quantity.  We hope that you have either grouped with us or spoken with a member of our leadership team at this time.  If not please feel free to fill out an application if you are considering membership and we will review that and send you an in game tell to group with you or invite you in depending on if you meet the criteria for recruitment into our guild. To fill out an application just register to be a member of the site.

Now for the people who are already a part of the madness; Please feel free to post and start up events and whatever you please.  We want to hear from you and want to know what we can do to make the guild better for us all!

Thank you all for taking time of your lives to make Crimson Steel a part of it!

---Bandage, Founder and Co-Leader of Crimson Steel.
Server Merger
By 538732840_Inactive, Jul 12, 07 6:26 AM

Crimson Steel will be on Xeth once the server merge has occured.  We will still try to have our house in The Deebs.  If for any reason we can not get a Plot there we will find somewhere to relocate.  I am looking at it to be another 1-2 months before the merger actually occurs.

Guild Party
By 538732840_Inactive, Jul 5, 07 6:14 AM

We will be having our first ever guild party!  It will be on Thursday July 12th at 10 PM EST.  There will be a trivia game and rolling for items.  Please make sure to attend.   The party will be at the guild house!

Help us test!
By 538732840_Inactive, May 31, 07 7:43 AM

Please help us test out the new system

The Brotherhood system (formerly the Fellowship system) will be going live on the Test Server with the next update (which is coming soon) – so be sure to hop onto Test and check it... Read More

Building a Successful Guild.
By 538732840_Inactive, May 29, 07 7:17 AM

I think everyone in our guild should read this.  I also posted it under the members only forum so we can discuss some things we do and do not like about it.">... Read More

Win a Custom Title
By 538732840_Inactive, May 3, 07 6:21 AM


Here is your chance to win a custom title of your choosing! The fellowshi... Read More

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