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14th Legion
War Medals
Nov 7, 11 1:12 PM
The 14th Legion joins forces with the Sanctuary Pact
Feb 17, 11 7:47 AM
Raptors have folded
Feb 14, 11 5:11 AM
Winds of Change
Jan 21, 11 12:18 PM
War Medals Issued!
Dec 10, 08 3:32 PM
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"The 14th Legion was raised during the Minmitar Fight for Freedom, our forefathers rebellion against the Amarr. Formed primarily of freed slaves the 14th were specialists in mission support to the Minmatar People. During the rebellion Her pilots were tasked with a mission, to proceed to a known ammar slave colony and liberate their minmatar brethren. As her combat pilots decended upon the colonies defences specialist transport ships proceeded to land and disembark freedom fighters to gather up those that sought freedom from Amarrian oppresion. After a fierce battle the transport ships began to leave fully laden with refugees and resources.

It was due to some poorly provided intelligence that the legion was unaware of an Amarr battlegroup in the region. As the battle was fought and the people evacuated this Enemy Task Force made best speed to the slave colony arriving as the last few transport ships were preparing to leave. The commander of the Legion had to make a choice, Flee from this superior foe and allow thousands of Minmitar to be executed or returned to slavery or Stand his ground and give the transports as much time as he could to evacuate the last of the former slaves.

He Ordered his pilots to keep the Amarrians occupied and give the last transports the time they needed to make it to the jump gates. Though they Fought Bravely the 14th Legion was decimated as they fought that last stand action."

"A year ago a new commander took up command of the 14th Legion as an Independant Corp.  His aim:  to assist the various tribes and corporations that form the Republic.  Now he seeks to forge the men and women who follow him to the traditions and ideals of those men and women who risked and gave their lives so many years ago."

War Medals

Tito Holzman, Nov 7, 11 1:12 PM.
Hello 14th Legion

It is my great pleasure to award "The Cosa Nostra War Campaign" Medal to the following soldiers of the 14th Legion.

Maxster Fluxx
Tak Muertos
CaliRaisin Arthie
Nevare Thayer

Keep up the good work!

Tito Holzman
Commanding Officer

The 14th Legion joins forces with the Sanctuary Pact

Tito Holzman, Feb 17, 11 7:47 AM.
We have now joined forces with the Sanctuary Pact and plans are in motion to claim a 0.0 home.

Raptors have folded

Tito Holzman, Feb 14, 11 5:11 AM.
The Raptors Allegiance Alliance have folded due to external and internal pressure. We fought bravely but in the end we lost the war.

The following pilots have been awarded the: Raptors Allegiance Campaign War Medal:

Kantos Khan
Yaril Thayer
Carlo Marx

Winds of Change

Tito Holzman, Jan 21, 11 12:18 PM.
The 14th Legion is under new management:

Commanding Officer

Tito Holzman

Second in Command

Yaril Thayer

System Lord


Personnel Manager





Yaril Thayer, Kavanzar, Zief, Jakana and Kbobiller

We have also joined the Raptors Allegiance Alliance in preparation of fighting the invading Sansha Hordes.

Long Live the 14th Legion!

War Medals Issued!

Dojaeni, Dec 10, 08 3:32 PM.
2008.12.07 02:05
Members of the 14th Legion.

With the cessation of hostilities upon us it is with great pleasure that i announce the creation of the Red Skull Terror (RST) Campaign Medal.

This medal will be awarded to those members who participated in the RST war and either suffered a ship loss or were involved with a ship kill.

The following qualify for the above Medal:

Cartheron Crust
Jillian Adel
Jin So
Joe Aksles
Julie Thorne
Kieran Velator
Logan Cochise
Rhaeghar Targaryen2
Talyan Zun

Thank you to all those who took part, we had some good times, we had some rough times, we had some boring times.  But it fills me with grate pleasure to know that we as a corp can come together to defend ourselves.

Commander in Chief
14th Legion
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