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Guild Charter    


1. A guild is comprised of its members just like the Berlin Philharmonic you hear before you, they control the eventual impact of a performance not the leadership of a few electric guitar players.  Don't be silent.  With that said please note the document below is in the revision stage and will always be because as a MMORPG changes so must a guild if they wish to be relevant.

2. The below is a draft of what will be the guild charter. Watch the forums for additional updates and draft elements and then be sure to vote on the options under debate through the guild's Voting page on this website.

3. It seems after over 3 years of using the same song the Berlin Philharmonic got pissy and redid the release of this song with a more orchestral beginning and their logos.  Its still our song but we like the less foo foo version without their intro.  However here you can find the video from Berlin Philharmonic which is a higher quality video, but still same sound of the scorpions and BPO


In accordance with the will of its members, Bane of Crushbone (“the Guild”) is hereby reorganized this 18th of March, 2007. This Guild shall be open to all individuals who are committed to the respect and promotion of its values.


TITLE I – Objectives of the Guild


The Guild’s Values

The Guild is founded on a series of core values hereby known as Basic Principles. Paramount among these is the ethic of reciprocity (also known as the Golden Rule); an ethical code that states one has a right to just treatment, and a responsibility to ensure justice for others. All members are welcome regardless of sexual orientation, race, creed, belief or gender and will be treated with just respect. This Basic Principles are the very foundation of the Guild and must be adhered to and promoted by members in all things. Second, the Guild promotes the principles of open dialog, trust and friendship between members. Third, the Guild and its members recognize that fun and enjoyment are the keys to the future success of the Guild.

The Guild’s Mission

Bane is an Everquest II guild on the Crushbone server. Our focus is building a strong guild with lasting relationships through quality recruiting and teamwork. We are currently looking for members of all classes who wish to positively contribute to our guild. Bane is a guild comprised of gay, straight, transgendered and bisexual individuals who wish to play in a non-threatening environment. The guild does not tolerate discrimination toward other members or non-members.

With its First Principles and Mission in mind, the members hereby set forth the governance of the Guild as follows:

TITLE II – Ranks and offices


Member requirements

The Guild makes the following requirement for membership:

1. Members must be at least 18 years of age at time of acceptance of membership.

Leadership and Rank

The Guild shall consist of 4 rank consisting of:

1. Guild Leader. The Guild Leader shall be elected by the members at large and the duly elected Guild Leader shall serve until such time as he or she chooses to step down. The membership shall install the duly elected Guild Leader to the position and imbue the Guild Leader with all the necessary authority to carry out the office. Guild Leader shall be charged with the overall health of the Guild and the Officer Corps. The Guild Leader shall be empowered to negotiate all matters external to the Guild including alliances with other guilds. Guild Leader shall be the only Officer empowered to take action to demote or remove members from the guild.

2. Officers. The Officer Corps will generally consist of a minimum of three general Officers, described below, each instilled with the duties described herein:

a. Membership: The Membership Officer is in charge of all recruiters and recruitment duties. The Officer’s primary responsibility is to maintain and grow the guild member base in a positive way. The Membership Officer will also be charged with proposal of any changes to the charter necessary to increase member recruitment and will also be in charge of new member health and growth up to thirty (30) days from initial recruitment. The Membership Officer will be the responsible for changing their status of the Recruit to Partisan upon successful completion of any prerequisites for full membership as outlined in this Charter and its amendments.

b. Events: The Events Officer shall be charged with the scheduling of raids, assignment of raid leaders and will assist in the creation of groups while online if the membership wishes to group. This Officer shall train future raid leaders and resolve any problems with raiding. Any gross violations of the charter during raiding will be reported to the Events Officer to be immediately resolved or transmitted to the Guild Leaders if resolution cannot be found.   Events officers are expected to run on average one event every 2 weeks.

c. Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall be charged with the record of all meeting minutes coordinating with the website administrators so that information is distributed in a timely manner to all members. The Secretary/Treasurer will also be in charge of all vote tallies and posting results.

It is the sworn duty of the Secretary/Treasurer that all activities of the Officer Corps are made public to the membership. Only by unanimous vote of the Officer Corps and with the assent of the Guild Leader may the Secretary/Treasurer withhold any information requested by a general member regarding the in guild activities of the leadership. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also be charged with the financial operations for the Guild including any accounts held collectively by the guild in a virtual sense, as well as the guild bank, its contents and monies.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall also be charged with the sale of all items stored in the vault and shall determine if an item needs to be sold to maintain bank integrity. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also purge the guild bank from time to time and make appropriate distribution of monies from those sales unless otherwise agreed by the Guild Leader and Officers.

Because a guild's needs fluctuate and bank space is limited, the secretary/treasurer is also responsible for maintaining a rotating existence of Legend and Lore items, collection items, raws, rares, crafting books, adepts and gear. To keep fluidty in the guild bank this person shall be required to maintain at least (3) 36 slot boxes to be used exclusively for guild purposes for the swapping of these items to accomodate guild membership and average level fluctuations rather than undermarket selling of these items.

d. Writ Officer: The writ officer during times when the guild is able to level shall be in charge or organizing writ nights to occur approximately 2 times per week keeping in mind the varying levels of guild members.  Because of the varying play times of guild members, writs nights should be rotated rather than a stagnant date and time and should be posted in the GMOTD and under events on the website.  Writ nights are expected to last for 2 rounds or approximately one hour or more at the members and officer's discretion.  During times when the guild has reached its level cap, the writ officer position may be absolved at the guild leaders discretion.

3- Sr Members - Sr. Members shall be full members in good standing who have contributed substantial experience, status and/or assistance to the guild over a significant period of time. Sr. Members must be at least level 20, have continuously served as a member for no less than six months and achieved a total of 7 'big medals' through the combination of their and all their alts.

a. Sr Members alts  The above requirements are met for alts of the rank above.  They have the same rights as Sr. Members.

4-1. Members.

a. Member: Members shall be full members in good standing who attained the basic requirements of 2 weeks membership in Bane with no incidental infractions.

b. Recruit: Recruits shall be those members new to the Guild undergoing a probationary period of at least two weeks to determine their ability to support the First Principles and goals of the Guild. Recruits do not have access to the Guild Bank or the ability to purchase status items.

4-2. In certain circumstances, the Leadership may vote to promote members from Recruit to Member or Sr. Member to Member even if status requirements are not met. Such a promotion shall be warranted in the event a member has made an ongoing contribution to the Guild in the form of organizing groups and events, contributing resources or is widely recognized for providing assistance to other members of the Guild.

Member duties

Based on the First Principles above, all members do vow the following:

1. Members shall be respectful in all things with regard to both members of the Guild and non-members.
2. Members shall be willing to assist guild members when asked and shall proactively offer to help when available.
3. Members shall be open to new ideas and shall listen without prejudice to other members’ comments and suggestions.
4. Members shall be cognizant of their duty to communicate with other members. Communication between members ensures the advancement both of the guild and their characters.
5. Members shall be willing to share knowledge with other members.
6. Members shall be committed to the advancement of the Guild and its principles.

Officer duties

Officers of the Guild do further vow and agree the following:

1. Officers are expected to maintain a positive attitude in guild chat and with members of the Guild. Concerns about member activities may be expressed in Officer chat or through other private channels provided this discussion remains in line with the First Principles of the Guild.

2. Officers are role models for the new and younger members of the Guild. Officers shall act as they would desire all other members of the Guild to act.

3. Abuse of the powers of any office is not permitted. If any member feels an Officer is abusing their office, a Leader may be contacted to investigate without repercussion to the concerned member.

Officer Meetings

1. Officer meetings will occur when need justifies this recourse and at a time and place designated by the Guild Leaders. All officers meeting shall be open for members though members may not speak without the prior agreement of a majority of Officers. Questions shall be posed to the Officer responsible or a Guild Leader and members must not disturb the meeting. All meetings shall be recorded electronically by the Secretary and must be available to all members on demand for one (1) year without restriction. 

2. In the event of a tie vote during any Officer Meeting or deliberation, the Officer Corps shall discuss the matter further and put the open item to a re-vote. Should the Officer Corps again tie, the matter will be thoughtfully decided by Guild Leader unanimity.

Nominations to Office

1. Any Member or Sr. Member may be nominated for Officer provided he or she has been a continuous member for at least six months. Nominees shall be required to complete and submit an application to the current Secretary/Leader for posting on all appropriate Guild websites.

2. Nominations shall be made from the membership with at least one second and one third. Should only one or no nominations receive a second, the Guild Leaders should mutually agree how to proceed with Officer nominations. If not enough nominations are entered, the Guild Leaders have
 the option of extending through unanimous consent the nominations period by one week to gather further candidates.

3. Nominations shall occur over a one week period determined by the Officer Corps beginning no later than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the current term.

4. The restrictions of Title II, Article VI-1 may be waived for members of the Guild who were active as of March 16, 2007 at the discretion of the Guild Leader(s).

Term and Elections

1. The Secretary shall operate Elections in accordance with the terms outlined by this Charter. The Guild Officers and Guild Leaders shall ensure that the Secretary has access to the necessary resources to carry out said Elections.

2. Officer shall serve a term of office not to exceed six months beginning immediately following the end of the previous term unless extended by unnamimous consent by the Guild Leaders.

3. Officer elections shall begin fourteen (14) days prior to the end of the current Officer’s term or in case of need for replacement 7 days after nomination closing. Elections shall end at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time (U.S.) on the last day of the current term and no vote posted after that time shall be counted. Members may only vote once and from their main character, votes from Alternates shall not be counted.

4. Votes will be tallied by the current Secretary and results posted within 24 hours. Any disputed contest will trigger a tribunal consisting of the Guild Leaders and at least two at large members chosen at random. At large members may be disqualified at the discretion of the Guild Leaders if they were a second or third for one of the nominees to office involved in the dispute.

Officer Resignations and Open Positions

1. If at any time an Officer feels that they can not perform their duties and must resign, a special election will occur, if the unoccupied office is still required within the guild and game mechanics. If an Officer is removed then a special election for that position is triggered also to occur if the position is relevant.  During this time, a Guild Leader or Officer will be designated to fill in that Officer’s position and shall inherit all the rights and responsibilities of that office.

2. In the event of a Special Election, there will be a seven (7) day nomination period and a seven (7) day voting period. Members may only vote once and from their main character, votes from alternates shall not be counted. Voting will end at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time (U.S.) on the fourteenth day. All other terms of regular Elections shall remain in force for Special Elections.

Removal of Officers

1. Removal of Officers shall be handled by the Guild Leaders with unequivocal proof of reason for removal posted in officer forums. 

2. In emergency situations, an Officer may be demoted to Sr. Member/Member by mutual agreement of the Guild Leaders until a trial may be convened and all evidence can be presented and heard. The council will then recommend a sanction to the Officer Corps and the Officer Corps will vote on that recommendation.

3. If an Officer is removed from his/her position a special election is triggered. The removed Officer may stand for the special election if duly nominated under the terms of Title II, Article VI.

4. Any grievances regarding the demotion of an Officer may be posted in Officer forums within a period of three days following said action.

5. All hearings will be recorded and all evidence available to involved parties before the trial. The trial transcripts and recordings will be available to all members within fourteen (14) days of request with no restrictions.

6. A guild leader may remove or absolve an Officer if their position has become obsolete, abandonned, or non-productive during normal business conducted by the guild and decided by Guild Leader unanimity or with the consent of a Guild Leader and an officer.

Charges against members

All charges made against a member shall be taken up by any Officer at large who shall investigate and make any rulings in consultation with the Guild Leaders. The Officer should make reasonable efforts to reach mutual agreement with the Officer corps on any disciplinary action that will be forwarded to a Guild Leader for action. The Guild Leaders are bound to implement the rulings of the Officer except in the event of a unanimous vote of the Guild Leaders to overturn the ruling of that Officer.

Open Government

The Guild promotes openness and fairness between members. Therefore, the activities of the Leadership shall be made open to Sr. Members and Members at the request of any full member. The Officer Corps must make reasonable efforts to inform all members of the Guild of changes in policy or direction that may be made from time to time. The Leadership must be cognizant of the impact of discussions in group or private chat that may affect members not present at the time.


TITLE III – Specific provisions



1. Members are encouraged but not required to participate in activities with other members of the Guild.  Members are required to be active in game no less than once every ninety (90) days or risk removal from the Guild.

2. All members, including the Guild Leader and Officers may be members of other guilds without restriction. However, to ensure the full attention of the Guild’s leadership, the Guild Leader and Officers may not be Guild Leaders or Officers of another guild while they hold such offices in the Guild unless the Officer Corps agrees otherwise.


Harassment of any kind shall not be tolerated. Discrimination of members or non-members shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Guild.


Neither members nor the Leadership shall censor any other member unless such censorship is required to ensure compliance with this Charter. By way of example, written material in a guild forum that can be construed as hate speech may be censored at the discretion of the Guild’s leadership to be implemented by the Secretary. It is the duty of the Secretary to inform Leadership of any and all censored material. Otherwise, no member shall be subject to censorship by any other nor shall the Leadership of the guild censor or intimidate any member at any time.

Guild resources

The Leadership shall ensure the membership has continuous access to web and chat resources to support the advancement of the Guild.


1. The primary means of communicating within the Guild is the guild website and forum. Members shall use these resources to discuss game experiences, to post screenshots, to form groups, to plan raids and to check for news from the Guild Leaders, Officers, or others. The forum address shall be viewable in the Guild’s Message of the Day at all times. The rules of the Guild forum and website shall be the same as those for this Charter. The Guild website shall be located at

2. We use the in game chat provided by SOE so we can talk with other guild members while in game. It is optional but it speeds up playing and increases the success of grouping.   When grouping or doing guild events we ask that you do join the necessary group channel to avoid confusion for guild members in the general guild chat channel.

Guild Events

Officers shall organize official Guild events such as raids, instances and the like. Members are free to organize other events. We encourage Members to get as involved as possible with these events if they have characters suitable for them.

Guild Raids 

Section 1 – Concept
As Bane builds its ranks, it will eventually move in to another facet associated with Everquest II; raiding. Raiding is by far the most pretentious element within Everquest II. There are whole guilds dedicated to its structure and inherent concept. In this fact alone, Bane applauds those exceptional guilds who have carved out their own unique niche in this area. Raiding takes an enormous amount of tenacity, creativity, and skill to pull off correctly depending on the objective. It also means raiding is not for everyone.

Section 2 – Precepts
Bane raids simply because we want to have fun while helping others achieve whatever vision they have for their character(s) and the alliance. If a Bane member clearly articulates what their vision is for their character, the guild will do what is reasonable to help them achieve it. All raids are voluntary.

A. Considerations. There are some general considerations which do need to be adhered to during a raid:

1. Command structure is necessary during a raid. It is your job to follow the instructions of the raid leader.

2. Please follow the raid leader and try to keep questions to a minimum as this distracts his/her attention.

3. You are in no way obligated to attend a raid as these are strictly voluntary.

4. Be on time. Participants MUST rally at the designated starting location 1/2 hour prior to raid time, NOT at the time listed for the raid. We are rolling at raid time and this 1/2 hour early rally time allows raid leader(s) to form up groups, search for additional players if need be and verify that we have enough members to fulfill the completion of the raid target. Bane asks that sr. members and or officers and leaders ensure that a raid rally flag is placed at the designated location 1 hour prior to raid time. This will allow folks to park a toon if need be, make a snack, let their dogs out, or play with themselves prior to the raid starting.

5. You will be assigned to a group based upon where your skills are most needed. No one group has "special" privileges. Just because you are a healer that was part of the group housing the main tank in it last week and was then put in a group comprised mostly of mages the next week, does not mean you are more or less important. Having "privilege" within an electronic game is an unfounded perception and one Bane will not perpetuate.

6. Follow what the raid leader says. If not and you continue to foul things up for everyone involved, you will be politely asked to leave the raid.

7. No one, at anytime, will be asked to step out of a raid to make room for someone else. If a raid is being formed aimed at completing a certain quest and you need in the raid, it is up to you to inform the raid leader. It is then the raid leader's responsibility to ensure the appropriate number of slots are available. If you do not show up on time and the raid has started, you will have to wait for another time unless there is a slot available. We are all adults. If you commit to or need something out of a raid and do not show up on time, someone else should not have to be penalized for it. Besides, if the guild wants other members to "get in on the action" and the raid is full, then another raid will take place at a later time.

8. The practice of "two-boxing," also known as the playing of two characters by one person is not practiced in Bane. There are no stipulations as to whether or not you run your main character or an alt. You simply cannot play both at once in most cases. Exceptions may be made based on target/difficulty and attendence.

9. The in game voice chat provided by SOE will be used, and all raiders must at least be listening to the commands given in voice chat. During raids please keep chatter to a minimum. Refusal to comply with these rules may mean ejection from the raid.

10. Raids posted on the main page of the website will require signup's via Guild Portal.  This will allow raid leader(s) pre-planning access to those in attendence.  Guild Portal does allow you to mark your sign up as tentative and several other situtational participation comments.

11.  The raid leader or appointed raid member will zone the raid into the target zone.  No one should zone in without explicit permission from the raid leader.  Failure to do this may result in lockouts from the raid, and could cause everyone to miss the target.  Please be mindful of this.

Section 3 – Loot and Loot Distribution
This section applies to events organized by Bane that require multiple groups to kill a boss or series of mobs for the purpose of obtaining loot. If a Bane event requires substantial assistance from players outside of Bane, the Raid Leader may opt to use a different loot distribution system at his or her discretion; however, in all cases, it must at least observe Need Before Greed (NBG).

1. All Raid Loot is based on the Need Before Greed (NBG) rule. Anyone abusing this rule will be dealt with according to the Bane Charter.

2. All Raid Loot lotto parameters are set to a /random 500 roll. Highest roll wins the loot.  Some raid leaders may make this 1/100 etc it is their discretion but a random roll should be observed.

3. All Raid Loot is rolled for the characters PRESENT at the raid. There are no rolls for alts. In order to satisfy the Need Before Greed criteria, it must be needed by the character present.  (Again in case of no need rules may be set PRIOR to raid zone in)

4. Anyone needing to leave the Raid before its completion gives up all rights to any of the loot being rolled for at the end of the event (subject to change at Raid Leader’s discretion if the event/raid is extremely lengthy). The Raid Leader may choose to roll for loot as they drop, at a half way point, or at the end based on the rule-set described below.)

5. Raid Loot is set to "Raid Leader Only" for distribution purposes.

6. No-Trade items. All No-Trade items are rolled for based on NBG immediately. If there is no Need on the item, it will may be  transmuted and placed in the guild bank at the end of the Raid. All other loot goes to the Raid Leader for distribution at the end of the raid. (Subject to change depending on whether we are in a pick-up raid, i.e. we have individuals in attendance who are NOT a part of the Bane via a channel shout-out to fill up slots. In this instance, all loot is set to Raid Leader and rolled for immediately based on NBG and the rules below or at Raid Leaders discretion).

7. Fabled Items. All players are allowed ONE fabled item win based on NBG. After winning a fabled item, you may no longer roll on any other items. You are done for the raid. **Exception: A player who had previously won a fabled item may win another item if it is a class-specific drop--ONLY in the unlikely event that no others of that class are in attendance and there is a Need. If there is no need of the class-specific item, it will be rolled for Greed at the end of the raid.

8. Master / Legendary items. All players are allowed ONE Master / Legendary item win based on NBG. After winning a Master / Legendary item, you may no longer roll on any other items. You are done for the raid. **Exception: A player who had previously won a Master / Legendary item may win another item if it is a class-specific drop--ONLY in the unlikely event that no others of that class are in attendance and there is a Need. If there is no need of the class-specific item, it will be rolled for Greed at the end of the raid.

9. Treasured / Rare items. The raid leader will set the loot rolls to NGB for Legendary+ or higher meaning that coin, adept 1's and other items like this will be auto rolled on via the in game system.

10. Trophy heads from raid mobs are to be donated and placed in the guild hall provided the guild does not already 'own' that particular trophy. In the case of the guild having that particular head already donated, then random rolling for loot will apply.

Guild items and loot

1. Items can be made available to the Guild under terms that the item owner deems fair and can be negotiated between members as they see fit. If especially rare or epic items are found, members are encouraged to first find a potential recipient or buyer among our own members.

2. Group looting and lotto rules may be decided wholly within said group. The Guild need not become involved in any matters related to the split of loot within a member or mixed group unless a member violates a tenet of this Charter.

3. Raid looting and lotto rules shall be determined in advance of the raid and made clear to all members prior to entering the raid zone. In general, raid leadership should ensure that all contributing raid members have equal chance to receive loot acquired during the raid without discrimination based on guild membership or membership level. In no case may the members or Officers agree to loot rules which discriminate directly or indirectly against a specific member or rank. In the event a discriminatory rule is implemented, those responsible for said rule shall face trial by the Tribunes and may be required to pay reparations or face demotion or removal from the guild.


Disputes between members

Members should make reasonable efforts to resolve disputes between themselves without involving the leadership of the Guild. However, should a dispute remain unresolved, members are encouraged to contact a Officer or Guild Leader for assistance or mediation.


1. Any sanctions to be visited upon a member must be approved by the Guild Leaders. However, it is not the design of Bane to police members. Leadership exists to ensure adherence to the values of this Charter. Members agree that disputes should be resolved between members without escalating to Leaders or Officer wherever possible.

2. In the event disputes cannot be resolved, the following shall be used as guidelines in cases where sanctions are necessary:

a. Infractions by Recruits will face a lower level of tolerance than those of full members; they may be removed without consultation if their actions make clear they do not share the general guild spirit. However, removal of any member shall require the agreement of the Guild Leaders. 

b. If problems are related to an item, the class of an item (rare, epic) will be taken into account. 

c. The Officers/Leaders have the right to use their judgment concerning anything that is not covered in this Guild Charter.


TITLE IV –Acceptance


Acceptance of this Charter

The Leadership in general and Membership Officer specifically shall be bound to explain the tenets of this Charter to prospective members and encourage they read this charter prior to joining. By joining the Guild, all members expressly agree to be bound by this Charter and its amendments.

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