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Mithrandir's Journal
Game News

Sneak Peak: Turbine Introduces Session Play

538748210_Inactive, Jul 3, 07 11:38 AM.

Our first content update, Book 9: Shores of Evendim, expanded the world of Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM with new quests, content, and an entire new region. For our next update we wanted to introduce something a little different!

One of the new features to be introduced in our next big content update is what we're calling Session Play!


Session Play is a new system that allows you to play as a character other than your normal character. These characters do not have permanence, so you don't keep them like you do your Free Peoples or monster play characters. You could play as a Ranger, a Troll, or... a chicken. It's an opportunity to explore Middle-earth from a different - and sometimes unexpected - viewpoint.


Session Play Sneak Peek!

(Click for larger images)


In this sneak peek, you can explore as a chicken. Yes, a chicken. As a most unlikely adventurer, you'll help out your fowl friends defend against the wolf menace. As a feathered fortune-seeker you can talk to other animals and learn more about the world from the point of view of characters like Old Sally, Wolf, Grip, and Fang, and other famous and furry personalities from The Lord of the Rings Online. Talk to a cat in the Cat Lady's house in Bree, or meet the im-peck-able Radagast. This new experience will give you a view of the story line from a different perspective and introduces unique skills, quests, accomplishments, and even an alternative way to earn Destiny Points during your explorations!


Session Play Sneak Peek!

Playing as a chicken is dangerous, but has its rewards. By finishing the quest line you can earn a unique weapon, and even an egg-sclusive item, for your player character! As a final perk, once you've finished the quest line you can roam the land, unfettered, in chicken-form, where you can complete Deeds to earn destiny points.


Why did the chicken cross Eriador? Now you can find out!


Session Play Sneak Peek!

Summer Festival Events!!!

538748210_Inactive, Jun 14, 07 7:42 PM.

Sunny days, backyard parties, picnics, fruity drinks with those little paper umbrellas: Summer's coming!


Summer Festival!We're happy to announce that from June 20th to July 10th, Middle-earth will be celebrating with its Summer Solstice Festival! Each race knows it by a different name: Lithe Festival for the Hobbits, Summerdays for Men, Summerfest for Dwarves, or the Festival of Enedhin for the Elves. No matter who's enjoying it, the Summer Festival means dancing, drinking, games, and even fireworks!


This two-week-long festival features a variety of quests, vendors, and special events throughout the lands. Be sure to visit all four festival areas - Duillond, Bree-fields Festival Grounds, the Party Tree, and Thorin's Halls - To celebrate!


Special vendors will be on-hand to supply festival items like food & drink, pipe-weed, and fireworks. This is the chance you've been waiting for to finally get your hands on some special Elven Fireworks!


What would a festival be without dancing? Meet up with a Dance Leader who will teach you new, race-specific dance moves. Soon, you'll be dazzling onlookers with your smooth dancing techniques that show your Summer Festival spirit!

Summer Festival!

After you're finished dancing up a sweat, what better way to cool down on a hot summer night than with friends and drink? Sound good? Participate at the Inn League! It can be summed up in two words: tavern crawl. (Of course, after the quests are finished, those two words will probably come out as: taaaverrnnncraaaawlllIwuveyouguys!)


Summer Festival quests include scavenger hunts, farming, and something called "Hobnanigans!" If you're not sure what Hobnanigans are, you should come to the Bree-fields Festival Grounds and find out. (Hint: It involves chickens.*)


To learn more about these things, you'll have to keep checking back!


*No chickens were harmed in the making of LOTRO.

Shores of Evandim Live!

538748210_Inactive, Jun 13, 07 6:47 PM.
The first major content update went live today, June 13th.  The Update adds an entire new zone, Evandim, roughly the size of the Shire, along with 100+ new quests, a major raid instance, and book 9 of the epic story arc.  The update also features many tweaks, bug fixes, and additions such as new skill abilities for the Champion class.  Shores of Evandim also fills a whole for solo content in the 30ish level range.  Shores of Evandim sets quite a high bar for what players will come to expect from Turbine, it does appear that they are up to the challenge.

Lorebook Preview

538748210_Inactive, May 11, 07 6:48 AM.
The Preview release of the LOTRO Lorebook Beta is now live at This is the first version of our all-new reference site dedicated to The Lord of the Rings Online. Currently containing over 20,000 entries (with more on the way), the Lorebook is destined to become the definitive LOTRO resource online.

This Preview Release contains articles with information on nearly every quest, item, creature, NPC, class, and race in LOTRO!

While this Preview release is not editable, the upcoming public beta release features seamless integration with player accounts. This allows active LOTRO subscribers to participate in future community development of the Lorebook. Players will be able to annotate the existing entries, as well as create entirely new articles sharing tips, tricks, background information, and more.

Check out the Lorebook today and feel free to join us in the Lorebook Forums to provide your feedback!

Shores of Evendim

538748210_Inactive, Apr 21, 07 9:11 PM.

The greatest fantasy of all time continues to expand!


Beginning in June, heroes can adventure to the Shores of Evendim, the first of many free updates to The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM.


About 100 miles north of the Shire, in northern Eriador, lies Evendim, a vast region dominated by the Lake Nenuial; the ‘Lake of the Twilight'. On the southern shore, the ancient abandoned city of Annúminas -the former capital of the kingdom of Arnor ­ is well known amongst the Free Peoples. For according to the Legends, amidst its ruins lay a great wealth and powerful artifacts now threatened by evil creatures and the nefarious forces lurking in Angmar.


As the Fellowship prepares to leave Rivendell, Aragorn must re-forge Narsil, the Sword of Elendil. Gandalf has asked for help in Aragorn's search of the ancient lands of Evendim for an ancient jewel that once belonged in the sword's hilt. This powerful relic must be recovered before the Dark Lord Sauron finds it.


Players are challenged to secure the valuables of the abandoned city, defy Angmar's encroaching grip on Annúminas and aid Aragorn in his quest to re-forge Narsil.


Key Features:

  • Discover the lands of Evendim
  • Explore over 60 new Quests
  • Raid in the Battle for Helegrod
  • Fight against 9 new monsters
  • Upgraded music system adds new instruments and lets you share your music with others
  • Equip collectible Armor Sets


Mae govannen

Mithrandir, the Grey Pilgrim, also known as Gandalf the Grey in Northeastern Middle-Earth, is our leader.  Mithrandir is a member of the White Council and accounted among the wise of Middle-Earth.  More importantly, He is a friend of all the Free-Peoples of Arda and a staunch foe of the shadow.

Mithrandir has traveled throughout all the lands of Middle-Earth and made friends among the Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, and Men of many lands.  His efforts to thwart the shadow has led him to recruit allies to be his eyes, ears, and hands, for as mighty as he is, he can only be in one place at a time.

We are the Agents of Mithrandir.  We are the first line of defense against the shadow, vigilently watching, waiting, and raising the alarm at the first sign of evil.  We are scattered across Middle-Earth and are of many races but are united in our tasks of fighting the shadow and assisting Mithrandir in his work.  Mithrandir is farseeing and the tasks he assigns us are not always clear in goal to us, but we trust his council, for it has never led us astray. 

The Agents of Mithrandir is a Kinship for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar developed by Turbine Inc, we will be located on the Windfola game server.  We are affiliated with the ITEC game community and will be located on the Windfola game server.  We invite anyone playing Lord of the Rings Online to join us.  You will find that we are light on rules and regulations and Officership is merely a tool to facilitate administrative activities not to lord over people.  As an Agent of Mithrandir you are an independent contractor cooperating with other independent contractors to accomplish goals that are bigger than yourself and to create a social network of like-minded individuals. We invite you to come join the greatest adventure ever, become an Agent of Mithrandir today!
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