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    his is the cornerstone of Crystalline Waters
We are a family of people who live and die by the spell and sword and hold true to our own.

    ur home stands for a proud history of these virtues
        ...... a place for those who love the power of magic or the feel of the sword in their grasp
        ... ...a place that those that are with the "Wolf's Spirit" may call home.

    his is the basis of Crystalline Waters family who fights together honorably in battle, 
        .....competes together to show their strength as force to be reckoned,
        .....and enjoys  sharing victory and rewards of conquering our enemies.


Breaking up is hard to do ....

Xpert, Feb 6, 08 1:15 PM.
Yes it s true, The Coalition between Black Tower and Crystalline Waters has been broken. It's time for a reformation of CW members who are still playing. I was going to try and keep CW going without the BT Coalition and discussed this with the Officers of the guild. We all felt that just breaking the Coalition with BT wasn't enough for CW to move on. We ve been with BT for over 5 years and through the years we have had some close calls in having CW fall. We've had many CW players go to BT and many leave through the years to move onward. I has seemed that CW will always be considered a stepping stone just to move on. So with that "tag" I come to the realization that CW can't go forward. Black Tower Officers have made it clear to me that they really do not want CW in the Coalition and so I must seek other avenues for the members in this guild to move on. With the formation of another guild, closely related,I have asked that all members join. When you log on to your character in CW you will see in the MoTD the lateral move that's taking place. This new guild consists of the faces from CW and BT looking for a change as well as new guys from other servers. The "New Guys" bring a fresh look at things and with a leader who I think will do us all well. I want to thank all that have joined CW and urge people to seek a place in Tunare that they will be happy in. Please feel free to use my name as a reference to any guild that you apply as you always have my support in any of your choices. Long Live CW..............

Xpert, Past Leader of Crystalline Waters and Friend to all her Members.....

Jonas Dagmire Hand Aug

Xpert, Dec 14, 07 3:55 PM.
There's a link in the Links & Info section for this quest. It seems to cover the entire walkthru... We had quite a few CW members follow thru with the quest and have received their hand augs... Don't get caught short on the guilds next push to complete Theater Of Blood access. We should be doing it very shortly, so keep an eye out for it...
Xpert, GL of Crystalline Waters

Emperor Draygun Down...

Xpert, Dec 14, 07 3:49 PM.
Another Demi-plane acess named was droped this week by the Coalition. We re getting there but slowly.... We need more DPS to keep this going and we can only ask that you make these raids whenever possible to get us into the next level of play for the guild. Well Done !

Epic raids seems to be going well...

Xpert, Dec 14, 07 3:45 PM.
We took another ragefire down last night. This one was for  Keissa. Congrats on your 2.0 Epic Keissa ! Let all the epics be completed for the entire guild...
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