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Sauronsbeagle (Member) 1/30/2009 7:03 AM EST : RE: The Book of Elves
Posts: 4624

The Last Journey by Kibbled

Dawn was always her favourite time of day.  Sitting in the chair just outside of her small cottage, she watched as the sun rose through the surrounding trees; watched as it crawled up the tall, rough trunks, up into the canopy of leaves high above.  She tried to remember the first time she’d seen a sunrise, but found her memory failing her.  It had been so long ago, and she had seen so many.

The forest she now lived in had been young back then, and much smaller.  She smiled as she remembered building her home here in the forest.  Her parents and companions had returned to Thranduil’s Halls in the east of Greenwood the Great, and had tried to convince her to join them.  But she had fallen in love with this patch of land, with views into the valley which always took her breath away; and of the vast Misty Mountains stretching to the north.  Considering her location, she wasn’t truly isolated where she lived.

She knew that she was in the north-western edge of Greenwood- Mirkwood… She corrected herself.  She wasn’t as cut off as her companions had feared she would be.  She had only to get onto her boat and follow the river south east and she would be by Thranduil’s Halls within a day.  And through the woods towards the mountains and the Anduin lay a small village inhabited by Men. 

She interacted with the villagers now and again, and had come to be regarded by them as the lady of the wood, much to her amusement.  She wondered what the Lady Galadriel would think upon discovering that they shared an alias.  Despite her closeness to other places, she enjoyed her isolation.  She could lose herself within her thoughts here and not be interrupted.  But that wasn’t the only reason.

She had lived long enough to witness true atrocities with her own eyes, spanning beyond the midst of time.  She had journeyed to this Middle Earth several millennia ago and had partaken in many of its great battles.  She’d lent her spear in the battle against the armies of Morgoth, barely escaping with her life before the brave Hurin had been taken captive by the foul Gothmog.  She’d been present in the battles against the treacherous Sauron after he had forged the One Ring, and had later battled fiercely against his followers in the siege of Barad-dur.

It was after Sauron had been defeated that she had sought the isolation she now had.  Too many battles.  Too many dead.  And yet here she still lived, untouched by time.  It seemed almost unfair that she should live this immortal life when she had known so many who had had their lives taken from them; mere children in her eyes.  It was for this reason that she had disregarded the name she had been given in her own youth and taken one of a mortal. 

Troubled by these memories, she once again looked out into the seemingly endless sea of trees and vegetation.  The sounds of the birds in the trees soothed her as she closed her eyes and let out a long breath.  Mirkwood indeed…  She could not understand why her beautiful part of the forest should have to be tarnished by that name, for no evil dwelled there.  Not even those dreaded spiders which plagued the central regions of the forest had shown any interest of travelling up this far, for which she was pleased.  No, her corner of the forest was full of life and light. 

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t hear the footsteps of the young man as he approached her.  It was only when he called out to her she realised she was no longer alone.  Turning in her chair, she gazed upon his young face and fair hair.  He smiled as he saw her notice him.  It was Gehndin, of the small village of Men who lived near the river, just out of the woods.  She was fond of the young man, having helped his mother give birth to him.  He always seemed awestruck whilst in her presence, which she found amusing.  But she could understand why.  He came from a small village and lived a very simple life.  Upon discovering that the lady who had helped birth him was older than the combined ages of all those in the village, he had always looked up to her in amazement.  She smiled to herself again and looked up at the sky; the sun was still quite low in the morning sky.  She sat up in her chair and turned to him.

“My dear Gehndin, the day has barely begun and yet here you are!  Do you not require sleep?”

Gehndin gave her a crooked smile and came up to where she was sitting.  Bowing his head, she noticed for the first time that he held a piece of parchment in his hand.  “My lady, I have been instructed to deliver this message to you.” 

Curious, she took the parchment from his outstretched hand and examined it, her smile faded slightly as she realised it was addressed to her old name.  Turning the parchment over, she saw that the wax bore her family seal, and she sighed.  This letter could only spoil her mood.  Not wanting to open the letter in the company of the young man, she thanked him and tucked it into her pocket. 

Smiling to him, she asked “Now, young one, what news do you bring?”

Gehndin grinned and began to relay the recent activities he and his friends had been up to.  It was refreshing to hear that he could enjoy his youth unhindered and burden-free.  It wasn’t until he had finished his last anecdote that she became worried.  He talked of a recent traveller expressing concern over a spreading darkness from the south.  The traveller had been an Elf and was on his way from Imladris to seek an audience with Lord Thranduil.  The traveller had needed to come this far up from the Elf-Path due to an increase in fell creatures in the vicinity.  Her mind clouded with thoughts – she had recently been sleeping very restlessly due to a sense of the spreading darkness in the land.  Had Lord Elrond sensed this also?  Is that why he sent a message to speak to Thranduil?

The conversation with Gehndin turned to other issues, but she could not shake the thoughts from her mind.  Soon the young man realised he’d taken up more of her time than he intended and bade her farewell.  Slipping the parchment from her pocket, suddenly the sun wasn’t as warming or inviting has it had been.  Breaking the seal, she unfolded the parchment and began to read.

It was an appeal from her mother to travel to Ered Luin and discover the fate of her brother.  He’d been sent out as part of a scouting party several months ago but had not returned.  His travelling companions had all returned, and advised that he had chosen to remain behind.  She was surprised at this, and could understand why her mother had requested her to discover what had happened.  Her brother loved his life here in the woods and had vowed never to leave.  He had a spouse and 2 children, although both were adults now.  What could have changed his mind?

She went into her small home and pulled out some parchment.  Scribbling a note to her mother, she sealed it, and placed it on a side table.  Walking to a door, she pulled a key off of a nearby shelf and placed it in the lock.  She turned the key, took in a breath and opened the door.  It had been a long time since she had opened this door.  Stepping inside, she brushed cobwebs out of her path as she lit a candle handing from the ceiling.  She picked up her spear; her hands immediately remembering how to hold it correctly.  She would leave for Ered Luin as soon as she was ready.

An hour or so later, she was prepared.  She would drop the note into the village on her way to her boat.  She had a long journey ahead of her, and although she didn’t truly want to go, she felt the long-forgotten lust for adventure stir beneath her breast and welcomed it.  Exiting her home, she turned, closed the door, and set out for the village.  Something within her had changed; an uneasy feeling rushed into her mind.  As she focused on it, she realised what it was.  She felt a freedom she had never felt before.  This journey would probably be her last chapter in the history of Middle Earth.  She knew in an instant that she would not be returning to Greenwood the Great… To Mirkwood… not to live, anyhow.  When this last great journey was done, she would leave Middle Earth, and answer the calling of the West.


Sauronsbeagle (Member) 5/30/2009 6:41 PM EST : RE: The Book of Elves
Posts: 4624

Aegthil by Aegthil Steelwhisper


The order hit like a whiplash. It was hours since they started training and it was starting to ache. Sweat dropped in the eyes making them burn. The air was thick as jelly.

"I said again!"

The arrow flew and hit the target. Not in the center tho.

"Do you call that a shot?"

"After a whole day training with no rest I'd rather call it a good shot!"

"What?" Ice cold eyes stared at him "Do you think you could rest while hunting or in battle? Do you think that if you don't strike true, you would be given another chance? Do you think that?"

"No, not that. But this is training..."

"Nonsense! Aegthil, nonsense... Training is meant to be hard so that the real thing will look like a walk in the woods! Have you ever considered that your true targets won't stay still? And that some of them will even try to shoot or hack at you?"

Aegthil felt the blood rush to his face making him blush in shame.

"No, i didn't."

"Ah! I thought so" the words came like a spit in the face "That's why I say again! And again! And again! And you obey! Obey!"

There was a small pause.

"Unless you don't want to quit and go back home."

Aegthil focused back on the target, nocking another arrow he raised his bow.

The arrow flew and hit the target. Not the center tho.

"What is most important for you to understand is this. Although you do know how to shoot an arrow, your body hasn't learnt yet. And it will learn only by overtiring itself. Your arms must move of their own will, without you thinking. That will be the difference between living and dying..." 


The scream could have been loud but it died in a gurgle as blood was puked. An elven arrow piercing through the orc's neck.

"I do understand now, father."

He nocked an arrow. "Again!" resounded in his mind.

The arrow flew and hit the target.



Sauronsbeagle (Member) 10/8/2011 7:56 PM EST : RE: The Book of Elves
Posts: 4624

Amrea Calendae by Amrea

When Amrea was a young elf, she grew up in Rivendell. Since Rivendell was one of the safest havens in middle earth, she had hardly any cares or worries. She spend her time making clothes for her friends and family. Except for the occasional guest there were no real happenings in Amrea’s life. One of these guests though was Thoren. A hunter of great skill and the clearest blue eyes Amrea had ever seen. This happened over 646 years ago. Thoren and Amrea fell in love on the very first day they met.

On a beautiful spring day Amrea and Thoren were hunting in the Trollshaws together, enjoying each others company. Around noon they found a nice quiet place on the side of the river and they let themselves be seduced to take a dive in the cold water.

When they returned to the riverbank they immediately saw their weapons were gone. They quickly dressed themselves and suddenly found themselves surrounded by a band of orcs. The young couple stood powerless as they were taken into captivity.

Amrea and Thoren were taken to an orc camp that none of the elves of Rivendell knew that is was so dangerously close. When she looked around in the camp she saw large poles decorated with skulls and bones. Amrea recognized those as being humanoid. A bit further she saw a few small cages. These were scattered around a large, open place in the camp, with a fire in the middle. A roast was being prepared on the fire.

Amrea and Thoren were separated and both put in cages apart from each other. The orcs seemed to be arguing about something. Their voices became louder and more harsh. One of them pointed to Thoren and gave some kind of order. The other orcs slowly backed away and kept grunting a bit. Amrea was scared out of her mind. When she tried to talk to Thoren she was pulled out of her cage and hit in her face so hard that she fell to the ground after which she received some whiplashes on her back which tore her clothes. After that she was rudely smacked back into a cage even further from Thoren. When she regained her breath, she looked at Thoren and saw the tears in his eyes from anger and frustration that his love was being tortured and was not able to safe her.

The night was still harshly cold that night and and the couple was chilled to the bone. Amrea felt her face that was bruised, her back felt like it was on fire. She already felt the cuts the lash left on her back starting to fester. She looked at the cage Thoren was held in and all she could see in the dark were his light blue eyes, constantly looking at her, without even blinking. It seemed like years until morning finally came.

The orccamp started to come alive. The orcleader came out of his tent and looked at his prey with a hungry look on his face, he grinned evil towards Amrea. He let out a few harsh grunts and two orcs came running and opened Thoren’s cage. They took him by both arms and dragged him out of the cage. They brought him in front of Amrea’s cage so they could see in each others eyes. With a quick snap they broke both of his arms. All hope of escaping was gone there and then. Thoren made no sound. He bit on his lip to show no pain and he looked straight at Amrea, as if he wanted to say: “as long as it’s me instead of you, I do not care”.

Suddenly the orcleader started speaking in the humanlanguage: “So you like look at girl, don’t you? Let’s fix that.” Upon those words he took a knife and cut out Thoren’s eyes. The orcleader let out a laugh of sheer joy when Thoren finally screamed in pain. He took the eyes and threw them at Amrea’s cage, where they lay just out of reach.
Amrea’s heart broke at that very moment.

When the orcs were done laughing about Thoren’s pain of they killed him by slitting his throat slaughtered him in front of Amrea’s eyes. They slaughtered him like he was no more then prey after a good hunt.

Amrea looked at the two blue eyes laying just outside of her reach. She tried everything she could do bury them from her sight to the point she dislocated her own shoulder between the bars of her cage. She could not think anymore, only stare at the eyes.

Amrea was held in her cage for two more days. Waiting to the time the orcs would come for her. On the third evening elven arrows seemed to come from everywhere and the orcs fell in only a matter of seconds.

Amrea was taken out of her cage, by friendly hands, although she was to far off to actually notice what was going on. She was put on a horse and brought to Rivendell. Where she was taken to her house where her mother was waiting for her.

For days Amrea seemed to be in some kind of trance, unreachable for her family

“Amrea…. Amrea….. please see me” her mother whispered whilst looking into Amrea’s deadlike eyes. “what happened child?” Amrea could only look back and was not able to make a sound. Amrea suddenly blinked and when she spoke her voice sounded harsh and cold: “They killed Thoren.” Amrea stood up, stretched and took one of Thoren’s bows as if she made a descision.

From that day on, everytime Amrea closes her eyes, she can still see Thoren’s beautifull blue eyes, always being just out of reach, always staring at her. The memory of Thoren lies in shadow, she hardly remembers his face or the colour of his hair. Only the eyes stay vivid and clear in her mind.

This is how Amrea became the elf she is now. Over the 643 years after her heart grew cold, and the magic of the elves came to live. Not only Amrea’s heart grew cold, but so did she. When Amrea touches your skin, you will feel the cold burn of her fingers for hours after.

Nowadays Amrea is still hunting, hoping that one day she will find an enemy who is stronger then she is and that will put an end to the memories that haunt her. Some people have asked her why she will not travel to Valinor. She always answers the same. “Valinor will not bring me peace, nor will it make me forget the past. The only place I will find peace is in death.”


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