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Testamir (Champion)
Laurelin, Lord of the Rings Online
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Knight Errant Testamir's main role in life is acting as Nursemaid-In-Chief to Gondor's least favourite son, Captain Yirond. His main duties include arranging bail, cleaning up various bodily fluids, lending Yirond money and just being on hand for when The Big Man kicks off with anyone who happens to be in sight and looks like they want 'a square go.'

Character Flags & Keys
No flags have been entered for this character.

Character Stats
Class: Champion Level: 95
Profession: Jeweller Race: Human
Rank: None

Awarded Medals: None

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Public Journal Entries
This character has no public journal entries.

Character Skills
Cook/Tinker 2
Jeweller/Tinker 6
Prospector/Tinker 4
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