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Toshendin's election day rant
Nov 2, 04 3:51 AM
Combat Upgrade
Oct 30, 04 3:58 PM
To The Guild
Aug 3, 04 10:30 PM
Jul 11, 04 4:10 AM
Ancorhead Raid
Jul 8, 04 4:50 AM
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Toshendin's election day rant
By Deleted User, Nov 2, 04 3:51 AM

OK all you American guild members remember when your voting today I can be a write in....I am ready to take America to the promise land.....Trust me we would not have these problems in the Middle East and I promise that we would be the most respected( or feared) country there has been or ever would ... Read More

Combat Upgrade
By Deleted User, Oct 30, 04 3:58 PM

Now that JtL is Live, SOE has announced the Combat Upgrade.  Here's an excerpt of what Thunderheart had to say:

Thunderheart  wrote:

The Combat Upgrade is our overall effort to improve our player combat experience, inc... Read More

To The Guild
By Deleted User, Aug 3, 04 10:30 PM

I just wanted to appologize to everyone  for not being around.   Things have taken longer to sort out that I could have imagined  I have got my accounts back to active (though i have yet to log in on them yet)... I thought I owed you all an explination.  Thank you ... Read More

By Deleted User, Jul 11, 04 4:10 AM

We are PvP kings!!! (or at least those that turned up are!!!) After an awful start which ended with us all dieing Ancorhead was taken and the rebs knew it! Lots of fp was gained and combat ratings shot through the roof, though a higher resistance would of been nice! Thanxs to all those who turned up... Read More

Ancorhead Raid
By Deleted User, Jul 8, 04 4:50 AM

Come on everyone get yourselves signed up for Saturday's raid!! What is more fun than needlessly throughing our lives into danger and seeing all your mates get slaughtered*?? Even if your a weakling crafter and don't want to take part a bit of moral support won't go amiss with a few cheers o... Read More

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