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Notable Quotes
"All that is gold does not glitter, and not all those who wander are lost..."

- The Ranger's Creed, by Bilbo Baggins
Out of the ashes...


BREAKING NEWS!: The Green Company as Landroval has known it has become The Rangers of Andúnië! The original Green Company kinship has been reformed with the original members under it's founder, Borrhavan. We wish them all the best! 


Full News

The name change is official IC! Also, welcome to Ellinderon!

Ardra Ruthànakhàs, Oct 30, 10 12:18 AM.
It's official both IC and OOC! The Green Company (post-beta) has become The Rangers of Andúnië! Rechristened by Lord Elrond, we are now free to use the new name in RP as our official title. We also welcome Ellinderon of Rivendell, the first recruit to the renamed kinship!

Welcome to Malcolras and lots of promotions!

Ardra Ruthànakhàs, Oct 23, 10 12:34 AM.
We are happy to welcome Malcolras to the kin (and a late welcome to Mirmaker who recently reached Sadron Tirith rank). Also, check the common room forum for information on promotions throughout the kinship! Grats to all.

Welcome to Calorthad, Lainven, and Akellen!

Ardra Ruthànakhàs, Nov 25, 09 12:14 AM.
A warm welcome to our newest members Calorthad and Lainven, as well as Akellen who has been with us for a month now! :D
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