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Naxx 10 Cleared!

Solarion4, Dec 9, 08 1:45 PM.

Brutallus Brutalized

Mirado#1, Nov 6, 08 11:57 AM.
Congrats to everyone who was there and got loot last night.  1 shot Illidan, 2 shot Kalecgos (shoulda been a 1 shot...i'm talkin to you Kiljaedyn) followed by a first time downing of Brutallus.  Still a very difficult, interesting and fun encounter.  Congratulations to everyone who got the first Tier 6 belts(especially warriors with 4-piece bonuses >.>)!  Felmyst goes down next! Be there and be ready!

Kalecgos Rescued

Mirado#1, Nov 3, 08 11:00 AM.
Tranquility has saved Kalecgos from the clutches of Sathrovarr the Corruptor! Congrats to everyone who got our first Tier 6 bracers.  Brutallus is next!

Illidan Not Prepared

Mirado#1, Oct 27, 08 11:51 AM.
Well guys, the time has finally come.  The Betrayer himself has fallen before our might.  Regardless of last night events following this downing, we should all take a step back and give ourselves a chance to reflect and celebrate. A couple months ago, people linked [The Fall of the Betrayer] quest in guild and joked about completing it one day... Now that day has come. 
Hopefully some of you newer members have come to realize what a lot of our older members realized long ago.  This guild is a family, all be it a dysfuncional one as Solarion said.  It is not held up by any one person and it takes something like this for you to realize it.
Many will try to take this victory away from you because it came after a nerf on the BC instances, but you must hold your heads high!  This is a time many of our senior members could have never predicted. Congratulations Rashima, Annihilator, Folara, Jamarh and Nyrro who drew first blood in the Illidan loot depertment.  More T6 chests to come in the future... And again, for the sake of the guild, try to enjoy the moment as much as possible.

Illidan Not Prepared?

Mirado#1, Oct 23, 08 9:28 PM.
Reliquary of Souls Dispersed? Mother Shahraz Demolished? Illidari Council Disbanded? You got that right, and all in one night!

Even with the boss nerf, Council still posed a minor problem but we prevailed in the end.  Congratulations to all the new Tier 6 owners and to all that were there to just witness this monumental night.  Illidan falls on Sunday.  Be there and be ready. 

P.S. Read up on Kalecgos
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