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We have been a guild on the Bristlebane server since the days when HHK was packed full of players, and the baz didn't exist.

We are a fun oriented guild always looking for new players to join our ranks. We have always prided ourselves on taking in players who are new to the game, and could use some advice and occasional assistance in getting started.

A lot of good players have come through this guild over the years. Many moved on to high end raid guilds. Some have quit EQ forever while others remain ... some are even still here doing what RC set out to do in the first place.

That being said....for members of past, present, and future.

CRUSADE ON!!!, and show no remorse.

Sellinia 1.5!!!

MommaElemental, Oct 5, 08 3:37 PM.
OK so this was awhile back, but I finally got the screenshots. Another case of  'forgot during the fight', but Selli got her 1.5 and that is the important thing.
Thanks much to Circle Of Legends for helping her out with it while RC was all asleep! :)

Sellinia 1.5Scout Plavo
And Miss Selli likes to dye her hair so she got to model her shield for us with both hair colors! Luv ya Sellinia!
blond Selli 1.5red head on drog

Here's your PROOF!

MommaElemental, Oct 4, 08 11:00 AM.
Yes, our little wizzy is getting pretty good. For those that didn't believe the crits he makes continually...
but wait...
there's always more...
26691a 26691b
Oh yes, it does get better...
much better...
Yeah that's my man with the big nukes in his pocket.

Skibb & Momma finish 1.5!

MommaElemental, Sep 18, 08 10:55 AM.
Skibb & Momma finish 1.5!

MommaElemental 1.5

MommaElemental, Sep 18, 08 9:32 AM.
Pretty in pink!

MommaElemental 1.5

Aftermath of Mage 1.5 Air fight

MommaElemental, Sep 18, 08 9:18 AM.
Yeah, I got excited and we only got the aftermath, opps!

aftermath of Mage 1.5

RC is recruiting all levels/classes

clevenestra, Sep 7, 08 11:33 PM.
Please apply with your main characters name
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