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Welcome both ~LE~ and visitors to our site. 

Guilds with prefered rates are all our freinds and allies who are listed in the top right corner of this page.

As a Guild What Does ~LE~ Have To Offer:
  • Loyalty to those in ~LE~, to friends and to Allies.
  • Loyalty from those in ~LE~, from friends, and from Allies.
  • Honor and Respect
  • Protected PVP Area's.
  • Relaxed family or gamers
  • Private Events held on the Guild Map.
  • Knowledge of the Game.
  • Trade Bots
  • Private members only forums. (not this site)

 ~LE~ has a guild map. Open to allys and friends of the guild. This map is protected by our Loyal Guards Bots MadaM and Red_Sky.

~LE~ would like to give a huge thank you to Area from guild KMA for Donating Red_Sky to us.  

We dont recruit were are just to relaxed and busy playing game. So if interested in learning more about ~LE~. Contact any of us in game.

Scorpion King

Below is a List of the ~LE~ rules. Witch can also be found on the ~LE~ members only forums.

#1  : Never help to make a red tag Prosperous.

#2  : Never Scam or Bag Jump

#3  : All ways follow the rules of EL.

#4  : Treat Allies and Friends as if they were a member of are own.

#5  : Do not allow someone to get you into an argunment   
        public,they just want to make you look bad dont allow them.
        This includes #IG

#6  : The #IG command is to be used for offical business. 
        If a #IG is sent to ~LE~ the rank 19s are to be given  
        first chance to replay. 
        If a freind #IGs a member of ~LE~ then the member may
        ig  back. 
        Then take the chat to a pm or start a channel for you and
        your freind to talk in. 
        If a #IG is sent for a political resson to ~LE~ and there is
        not a 19 online. You may respond with a thanks and let them 
        know youll tell the 19s no about it
        when they log on or thru a Gossip message. You may
        also leave a message on the ~LE~ forums.

#7  : We use #GM to chat alot. While chating in GM be respectful
        of the guild members.

#8  : Try to help your guild members as much as possible. If they
        need help and you have the time please help.

#9  : If you see an ally being attacked do everyting you can to
        help. If 2 of our allies are fighting stand back and let those 2
        If a 3rd party that is nuetral or red tagged decides to help
        one of are allys against the other then you step in and fight
        the 3rd party.

#10 : We do not attack nuetral guilds unless they attack us first.
        Or if that nuetral guild is attacking a ally we are to attack
        that nuetral guild.
        Only till they get the piont to not attack the ally. Once they
        figure it out we go back to not attacking the nuetral again. 

#11 : When entering a pk map or arena, expect to die. But if your
         being harassed by the same person let a 19 or higher know
         so we can take action.

#12 : Never pk an allie or friend.

#13 : Do not use a BroD, BoD, SBoD, Golden Star Mace on anyone 
        unless that person has used on you then get revenge when
        you can.

#14 : There are no rules when dealing with RED&Brown tags. Just
         remember for your actions there are consiquences. 
         Its better to be friendly with those training around you. So
         use good judgement before you decide to spawn serp, or
         bagjump a enemy. They will probly 
         do the same to you at a later date if you start first.
#15 : We are not a PK guild but we do allow PK. Keep the ~LE~
        guild tag respectable. I Scorpion_King prefer to be known as
        a Honorable guild even in pk. 
        To try to remain Honorable and stand apart from PK guild is
        why i have put these rules in place. It keeps us from killing
        inoscent people and neutrals 
        who might be smaller then you. Protecting those who are
        small is a honorable thing as well.

These rules reserve the right to change at any moment. Please check back often to see if any changes are made

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