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Shadows in the Mists
Sorry To Hear
Mar 7, 03 9:46 PM

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Welcome to Shadows in the Mists! Step inside and have a look around, mind you watch where you step though, some of the family tends to leave their kills laying around gathering mold or dust or whatever it is the guild necros are currently requesting be grown on corpses.

Sorry To Hear

Deleted User, Mar 7, 03 9:46 PM.
I got on recently to check how the guild was going, talk to some friends and family and all of a sudden /who all guild gave me "You are not in a guild and cannot request this information" I am EXTREMELY sorry to see this guild disband...ive always loved you all and i always will Tacky, Claeery and any of u other crazy people E-MAil me at tell me who ya are and i'll gladly holler back at you..I will miss you all and i hope to soon be in another guild with you Tacky & Claeery -Jason +Zenithras +Zenatos =Me TTYL (group hug)

Status Of Guild

, Feb 22, 03 1:17 PM.
Well, on Thursday night we made #8 on the PvP boards, and by Saturday I heard that the guild is disbanding. Most people are asking WHY? I can list a few. 1) We currently do not have the level / class distribution required to do the raids that many higher level people aspire to. We do not feel that with the guild dymanics being the way they are that it will be possible to rebuild SiTM to the that level. 2) Most members that we recruit and grow up with us end up leaving just at the very moment that they start to become useful for us. For example, once a chanter gets KEI or a cleric gets 90% rez, the uber guilds invite them on all sorts of cool raids and they tend to join those guilds. Last year, we built the guild to the point of being able to do Hate raids, only to see the core of those raiding groups leave to join the uber guilds. 3) Our guild is fortunate to have many supportive members who are willing to take the time to help others meet their EQ goals. The downfall is that many of those members felt that the people they were helping were ungrateful and unappreciative. 4) Living in Norrath requires the building (and sometimes dismantling) of guilds, which means that change has to happen sometimes. I will be sorry to see the guild disband. I have been in the shadows since I was lvl 12, and over the last 2 years I have made some great friends. My ideal guild has always been one with our values, and conduct. We currently have awesome loyal members, which makes it extra sad to disband. But is not the green-spam that keeps people together. The glue of friendship and loyalty is what will keep us together in the future. Crewl Servant of the Shadows
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