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Library : Level 1 and up

Last Updated 10/18/2008 7:30 AM
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Some etiquette reminders:  
See this page on for some more etiquette topics.
On Al'Kabor it is considered impolite to inspect someone's character without asking permision. If you inspect by accident, simply appologise.

When asking for buffs in PoK first do a /who search of the zone to see who is available. Send a tell if a guildy (fellow member of Sanctuary) is in PoK and ask them for buffs before asking in /ooc. Always be polite in /ooc. Ask once, if you don't get a response, go out hunting. Thank who ever buffs you if you do receive buffs.

Classes that can SoW are: Shaman (lvl 9), Druid (lvl 14), Ranger (lvl 39)
Classes with good buffs are: Shaman, Druid, Cleric, Beastlord, Ranger. Mana buffs come from Enchanters. Druids and Beastlords can also help out your mana regen.

The best buffs in the game have level caps on them. Untill you reach the required level those buffs cannot be cast directly on you. You can receive group versions if you are grouped with the caster or someone in your group is of the required level. You can also receive MGBs (Mega Group Buffs) if you are in range. If a high level character offers to group with you to give you high level buffs be grateful, but do not demand this of high level characters. Some people will prefer to give you level appropriate buffs.

Usefull links:
Newbie guide on EQmac - an excellent basic guide. Shows how to set up an assist hotkey, new chat window and other basic information every player should know. (note: the images are broken on this, maintaining link until something better can replace it)

Some help for new players - a topic on EQMac about our server, great for EQ PC players

Commands and Terms - Allakhazam. Comprehensive list of all the commands used in EQ as well as definitions of in game slang

Tips on Allakhazam - Some game tips. Some of the more common game commands are explained here. BTW, that first tip, doesnt work anymore. Sorry.

Starting stats for race and class - useful when considering the class of a new character

More class info - EQthieves has pretty good info, much of which is still correct for Al'Kabor. Each class lists info on character creation, skills (will skill cap levels), Alternate Advancement, disciplines, spells and epics. Keep a wary eye out for updates Al'Kabor has not received.

Al'Kabor Spell list - a list of all the spells available on our server, organized by class. If its not listed here, we dont get it on Al'Kabor. One very nice thing about this list is that it provides links to Allakhazam showing where the spell can be purchased or where it is droped.

Stats explained - Every class needs to know what stats do and how they help in order to make choices about equipment. Classes that can cast buffs need to know what stats other classes want buffed so that they can buff efficiently. Non Sanctuary link

Maps! We do not have ingame maps so make use of

Allakhazam for looking up equipment and mobs
EQTraders for all things trade skill.
With Alla and EQTraders, keep in mind that we do not have all the expansions that they catalogue.
EQWiki - item search (Don't pay for a membership to AllaKhazam). See this forum on EQMac for info on how to use this search function for Al'Kabor.

The eras that Al'Kabor has lived through are:

Use for server specific discussions. This includes things like mac specific UIs - User Interfaces forum and WindowedMode for EQMac (owTo)

Tulian's verson of The Complete Wayfarer's Guide to Norrath
Non-Sanctuary original version (contains info on expansions Al'Kabor does not have)

Access Your Desktop:
Do research on the internet without quiting EQ:
EQMac has a broken command that conveniently allows us to access our desktops without quiting the game. The command is:
/mc a
/mc i
it doesn't matter what follows /mc as long as there is a space between. Some member favorites are:
/mc hammer
/mc muffin
/mc fly

This will take you to your desktop and you will get a small error window saying that something has not been implimented. Ignore this window untill you wish to return to the game and then click the OK button.

For information on how to play in windowed mode see the eqmac thread WindowedMode for EQMac (owTo)

A tip for navigating the in game bazaar:
The default size of the bazaar window is TOO SMALL. Make it larger and reveal the FIND button.

If lag in the bazaar is very bad, try turning your camara angle so that you are looking at the ground.

Be aware of price gougers, don't hesitate to ask someone if an asking price in the bazaar is resonable. Also, some traders are willing to take offers on their merchandise. See this thread in linking bazaar traders to their main character names.

The Bank:
The banker can exchange denominations of coins. As a lowbie, you wont be looting many plat pieces. Copper, silver and gold do stack up. 1000 copper = 100 silver = 10 gold = 1 platnum piece. Go to the bank, pick up all your copper coins and drop them on the slot for silver coins in the bank. Pick up all your silver coins etc. You will find that you actually do have a couple plat pieces. As you level you will find that copper coins are quite heavy and not terribly valuable. Many players simply destroy the copper coins they have looted when they find themselves encumbered while hunting.
All banks in all zones are equivalent. The contents of your bank magically transfer from place to place.

/who searches:
Al'Kabor is very small and generally a high level server. You are unlikely to find hunting partners in the newbie zones. /who searches are your best way to find groups. The most useful /who search at low levels is for level range. For example, if you wanted to see who was online between levels 10 and 20, you would type: /who all 10 20

use /tell playername
to send likely grouping partners a tell asking politly if they want to group. The name has to be spelt exactly.

You may wish to use LFG (looking for group) to notify people that you wish to group. The command is /lfg on
To turn it off again use /lfg off
To search if anyone is LFG use: /who all lfg
But be aware that if you see a number of people in the same zone with this tag, they are likely preparing to join a raid.

x=your level
x+x/2=maximum level for grouping xp
Or, in other words: take your level and add half of your level and you get the maximum level that you can group with and still get xp.
There is no minimum level for grouping xp.
Also of note, at level 43, you can group up to level 65 for xp.

Other /who searches include searches for class: /who all bard
will return a list of all bards of all levels that are loged on. This is the same for any class.

You can also search for race: /who all barbarian
will return all barbarians currently loged on.  This can be abreviated to /who all barb

You can search for guilds. To search for your own guild: /who all guild
To search for other guilds: / guild# all
Where the # comes from this list on Al'Kabor Official Guild Thread 

you can search for a specific person using their name: /who all Tulian 
will return Tulian's level, class and location, unless he is playing anonomously, in which chase it will just return wether or not he is online at that moment. You can abreviate names in a who search so /who all tul
will return all characters whos names begin with tul. Note that /who all dar (short for Darellian) will return all dark elves and not list Darellian at all.

Anonomous players will not show class, race or guild.
Rollplaying players will not show class or race but will show guild.

Leaving "all" out of a who search will only show results for the zone you are currently in. apple+w is the default zone who search and is useful for learning the class of group members and looking for buffs in PoK.

Class Discussion Sites:









Fletching guide





How to make money:
First, don't beg. Al'Kabor is a small server and people will remember you.

There are a few things that you can hunt below level 10 that drop items which sell for plat.

Rats are always a favorite, they can be found in Qeynos, Freeport and Misty Thicket. There is a glitchy scarecrow in Misty Thicket, just to one side of the entrance to Rivervale that attracts wandering wolves and the rats that spawn nearby it. These are a bit tougher than normal rats, but can be good xp if you can figure out how to hunt there safely. Rat tails sell for one plat each.

Skunks and aviak chicks are found in Butchblock Mountains and drop items that sell well.

Another way of making a bit of plat at low levels is to farm items for higher level characters for use in trade skills. Commonly used items are spider silks and hides. Good low level zones for these are Everfrost Peaks and the Commonlands off of Freeport. At slightly higher levels (mid teens to early 20s or so) East Karana is an excellent location for hides and silks.

Some trade skillers will buy combined items from you. Stacks of spiderling silks can be turned into silk threads. Stacks of spider silks can be turned into silk swatches. Low qualitiy hides (bear, cat, wolf) and silk threads can be turned into leather padding. Celestial solvent can be purchased from the dark elf trader by the fishing pond in PoK, this combines with Scent of Mar, which can be purchased from one of the poison merchants in the building to the around the fishing pond.

If you can forage, some of the items you collect are highly valued by trade skillers. Make friends with someone who bakes or brews.

Kawaii and Dueg will buy tea leaves which are foraged in East Karana and Kawaii will buy Surefall Sap which is foraged in Qeynos Hills.
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