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Library : 2: Emperor Crushbone Beware!

Last Updated 12/26/2006 3:05 PM
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Way back in the dusty annals of time Taivo said, "A CALL TO ARMS!!!

"The foul orcs of Crushbone once again dare to enter into the lands of Greater Faydark. So soon they have forgotten the defeat metted out to them last month by the Sanctuary War Party that descended upon their lands.

"To Arms! To Arms! Sanctuary to Arms!

"Sharpen your swords, study your spells, tighten your bowstrings! Let us bring anew the vengance of Sanctuary upon Lord Crush, his minions, and his allies!

"Gather at The Heartwood Tavern (Kelethin), at 7pm PST Mar 31/04.

"Friends, Guests, and those interested in Sanctuary are welcome to join."

Afterwards Tuani said, "I am too short to be a group leader on a raid. I can't see much above people's knees, and need to click on people to know if we are all together. So, tall folks who can see, and do not fall in holes should be group leaders, maybe?"

But according to the annals, the assaut was a success, in which there was some swimming but no deaths.

Bravened by their sucess against the orcs, Sanctuary decided to go after the number one enemy of their members, Equestril the Corrupted.

Geron said, "We have all grown well, tall and proud, but there is something that his eatting away at me. Revenge. At one point or another we have all Fallen Victom to a thing so Evil hell spit it out its self to get rid of it. It has killed countless unexspecting poeple. It get you in the back when you least exspect it, it will charge at you in full view and get you. it will make you coffee and put flour in the Suger jar,it will take all your beer and replace it with water, it will key your car, it will switch all your CD's around, it will take all your wires and mix them, it will go to the doctors lick all the tonge pressers and put them back in the jar,it will install PC stuff to your MAC it is that Evil Few who have seen this thing have lived to tell the tale. It will not just get you once and leave you, no no no it will find you when you are naked and make dirt of you! has romed the lands for Long enough Join me Brothers and Sisters it is time to pay our dues to.....

"Equestrielle the Corrupted

"WHOS WITH ME!!!! All are welcome and
BE PREPARED TO DIE AT LEAST ONCE!!!!! if you are a low Lvl I will not stop you from joining,but you have been warned! I will Finalize dates later this week.this is a Sanctuary only gig. If you are up to paying your respects to the horsey from hell let it be heard so I know how many will join arms with me.

"May/20/04 5:00PST, Lets kill the horsey, It tryed to protect its self by makeing some problems in RL, but I am too good to let it go on for long! Join me again in killing the evil horsy from hell!"

They suceeded then and many times after in taking down that horse from hell.

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