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Library : 4: Sanctuary, Reborn!

Last Updated 12/29/2006 8:36 AM
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It had been just over four months since the disolution of Sanctuary when Thangorlando, due to a change in the weather, ventured back into Norrath. He encountered Waambelm and Dwailin there, and with the help of Sodor who they coaxed out of Dark Conquest and Mighty who happened back at the same time they refounded their beloved guild.

The refounding of Sanctuary took place beneath the great tree that stands between the Qeynos and Plane of Tranquility stones. We now call this the Sanctuary Tree and it is our meeting place. Before the rebirth our meeting place was in the Heartwood Tavern in the tree city of Kelethin. Though the booze flows freely in the tavern, it is not friendly to all the races of Norrath. Our member discusion boards are still called the Heartwood Tavern in memory of this piece of history.

Kawaii and a few puppies pose for a photo under the tree

After the refounding, Waam wrote to Taivo:


I am so glad to hear from you again. It would take me hours to tell you what we have been though, but our time is now! Sanctuary has risen again to give hope to many lost souls on Al’Kabor. Tunare has not left us!

On our first march back into POK, we caught everybody’s attention.
“I can’t believe my eyes!”
“No freakin way!”
to chants of….
“Welcome back Sanctuary!”
“Yeah! The good guild is back!”

It felt great to bring hope to Al’Kabor.

Even now, just after our remarkable turn around, we have grown to a strong 12-13 members already. Many are very capable. Sodor, a lv 65 Warrior stands among us. I am merely lv 50 in his sight. Mighty is among us once again, and has been wonderful in helping newer players. Thangor is here. Dwailin waits for you.

The journey is not over. Taivo, we would love to have you back, and also restore your seat on our council. We need your voice in advisory.

We’ll keep a light out for you my old friend.

Taivo replied:

Taivo quietly looked about the Shield of Norrath guild hall. His heart sank and his mind reeled at what he saw. The once majestic tabbard lay torn, trampled upon the ground. The weapons, armour, and shields that had once lined the hall of this mighty guild had long since been pillaged. A layer of thick dust covered the broken chairs and smashed tables where once Taivo had feasted with his friends. A deathly pall lay over the hall. Silence was its only occupant.

"By Tunare, what has happened in my absence?", pondered the wood elf. A small tear tracked its way down his cheek. "All gone, have any survived?" Taivo spoke aloud to the wreckage before him.

"Only Saxxon and myself, Gumgak, hold fast under the tattered banner of The Shield of Norrath, Taivo." a deep voice spoke from behind Taivo.

Spinning around, Taivo stood face to face with a great ogre wearing the colours of the Shield. The ogre wore the circlet of leadership that had once adorned Sayre's head.

"Temerity has taken our membership and called it their own. When the recruitment was finished, they saw fit to raid our hall and bring its roof down. I'm afraid The Shield of Norrath is not but a ghost of its once great self." the ogre, Gumgak, told Taivo. Taivo could see the pain in the ogre's eyes. The final price of loyalty weigh heavily upon the ogre's shoulders, for now, he looked like the outcast that fortune had made him.

"Do as you will, Taivo. The Shield will not rise again in our time. I shall take my leave of you, and of this hall. It pains me to see the work of Temerity." With that the large ogre slowly walked from the ruins of the Shield's hall, never stopping to look back. Taivo bowed his head in sorrow.

Later that week, Taivo worked carefully upon the great bow in his small artisan's shop in the boughs of Kelethin. This bow would be his greatest achievement in many moons and his first completed project in just as many. Life for Taivo was good. His retirement had treated him well, and given him much time to recover from injuries, both physical and emotional. Hidden amongst the many wood elves of Kelethin, Taivo had been able to drop from mind and memory of those he had known in his adventuring days.

With the bow strung, its completion was final. Taivo turned the lantern low in his little shop, and carrying the newly crafted bow with him, he slipped quietly into the back room. His small, personal chamber, and home since the end of his adventuring days. Taivo carefully walked across the room, his keen elven eyes seeing all in the dark, scanning the room for danger. He chuckled to himself. "Old habits die hard", he thought. He carefully placed the bow upon the bed before him and knelt in front of it. If an outsider were watching, they might have expected him to bow his head and mutter a prayer to Tunare. However, Taivo reahed under the bed to pull forth a large mithril lockbox which lay hidden beneath. Passing his hands over the ancient elven runes, Taivo followed the cryptic pattern which would unlock the chest. For the first time in ages, the chest's lid quietly opened. Taivo looked inside and a large boyish grin broke across his face.

Moments later Taivo finished his dressing by cinching the tarnished clasp on his sword belt. After all this time, the finely crafted armour still fit like a glove. The worn boots had the comfort of many trails and many tales. He picked up the bow from his bed and slung it across his shoulders.

As he slipped out into the night, Taivo quietly closed and locked the door to his bowyer's shop behind him and silently made his way to the great lifts of Kelethin, all the while hoping his fellow wood elves would not notice his departure.

Once upon the great floor of the woods of Greater Faydark, Taivo inhaled the fresh evening air deeply. A flame awoke within his elven heart. Blessed with a lifespan greater than all the orcs in Crushbone, Taivo was thrilled to be on the road to adventure once again.

The time had come to search for that light which brightened the hall of Sanctuary. "Waamblem, will be expecting me," he thought. Carried by The Spirit of the Wolf, Taivo swiftly made off into the night.


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