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Library : 5: Turtle Soup!

Last Updated 2/21/2007 10:23 AM
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Perhaps the favorite delacacy among Sanctuary members is turtle soup. Dueg's Halas Meat Pies take a close second, followed by the less common Qeynos Afternoon Tea brewed by Kawaii. This was our first taste of something large and vicious. Equestrill the Corrupted my have been Sanctuary's first Public Enemy #1, but Equestrill soon fell easily to the blades and spells of Sanctuary and they looked for a better challenge and Lodi was it.

As Waam put it:
"Though I did schedule the raid, I almost missed it. Blame the alarm, not the man. Will not happen again, and I'm sorry!

"But we were there in glorious fashion, even saw Stimpy again (Hurray!). Minny picked me up and upon entry I lined up with the raid party. Armor shining in what was to become the battle field. You could hear the klanging of sword and metal as the party prepared for war.

"This hunt was to show the prowess of Sanctuary. Though the great turtle didn't necessarily deserve to die, it was unfortunately the mantle in which eluded Sanctuary it's place among the guilds. For only it was this reason, Lodi would have to die.

"Sodor the old Warrior rose above the rest and proclaimed, "This is to be your day." We could sense the power in his voice, if it was to be, it was going to be with Sodor. The force rallied around him, "For Honor and Valor!"

"The last commands were sent. "Casters!" (check) "Melee!" (check) With Lodi appearing on the radar, it was to begin, and then... it did.

"Sodor picked up Lodi off the landing, Kaw started to slow Lodi as she could until Lodi diverted attention to the poor caster. Kaw didn't last more than 10 seconds, but this fight was not over (Kawaii licking her wounds by Souldbinder Jera in POK).

"Sodor quickly saved the raid party by quickly attaining agro again. At this crucial moment the great Warrior taunted the terrapin relentlessly. Lam and the druids landed thier heals as they could on the old Warrior. The the rally call sent out like a shot in the sky, "Melee ready, ATTACK!!!"

"Dueg moved the line to strategically flank Lodi's back. Lodi could do nothing as it's more immediate threat was Sodor. The battle raged on till the Victory started to appear in sight. Lodi started to shake uncontrollably, and it's Rampage was fierce. Dueg signaled the line to move back or risk death.

"But the battle was within victory, Sodor with one last blow dispatched the great turtle. Lodi at last was dead.

"Hail to the Heroes! For Honor and Valor!"

And since that day we have tasted turtle soup many times. Though we have tired of hunting the great turtle, the taste of its soup is still as marvolous.

Lodizal lead to Kelorek'Dar and the infamous raid inwhich Waam died underwater and was nearly not retrieved. But the K'Mart dragon also fell to our blades. This victory was followed by one against Zelnithak, and eventually against Talendor and Severlious.

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