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Library : Code of Conduct

Last Updated 6/10/2007 10:04 AM
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SoE's Rules of Conduct are in play at all times in game and on the website.

The guiding principles of Sanctuary are HONOR and LOYALTY, INTEGRITY and FRIENDSHIP. Members are expected to conduct themselves first and foremost with these ideals in mind.

Sanctuary is a family guild. While we recognize that even the closest families joke and squabble with each other from time to time, Guild Chat will be PG in content.

Sanctuary prides itself on its diversity. We acknowledge that there are many different playing styles and interests. No one will require another player to group or participate in any specific activity.

Harassment of any sort -- sexual, racial, political -- or even simple verbal abuse will not be tolerated. This includes intimidating others, bullying, or ganging up on another player. It will be treated with extreme seriousness, and constitutes ground for immediate expulsion from the guild. If you have a problem with another player, you are expected to take it up with a guild officer.

Sanctuary expects its members to engage in fair play at all times. The following behaviors have no place in Sanctuary:

• Ninja looting (looting while others are engaged in battle, or out of turn)
• Ninja AFK (leaving without telling anyone)
• Kill stealing (Killing someone elses target for the xp)
• Arguments over camping, including wait lists
• Non-cooperation with the group (ignoring others, pulling without waiting, etc.)
• Loot hording (collecting loot and intentionally leaving without split)

When confronted by such behavior in others, whether Sanctuary or not, it is better to withdraw and refer the matter to an Officer for resolution. The Play Nice rule will be in effect at all times.

Members of Sanctuary should endeavor to treat all players with courtesy and kindness, and be helpful to others. Be available to provide buffs or heals, answer questions or provide directions.

Sanctuary has a tradition of never leaving anyone behind. It is a serious matter if one of us is in difficulty. Legitimate requests for assistance should never be ignored. However, this does not constitute a reason to interrupt someone else’s play with unreasonable requests for a rez many zones away.

Members will not engage in personal attacks in-game or on
the website. Foul language and insulting others are unacceptable. If there is a dispute, please refer it to an Officer for help in resolution. Any such discussion should be carried out in tells, or other private location.

No member will intentionally train any player or group of players. Every effort should be made to warn others
of an unintentional train. If you accidentally pull a train down on
some unsuspecting person, an apology and offer of restitution is expected.

The Sanctuary tag over each member's head is the guild banner. We wear it with pride. Should any member wish to hide their class, race and or level for any reason they should use roleplay, never play anonomously.

Sanctuary members are welcome to have unguilded alts, but may not for any reason have alts in another guild. If for some reason a member has access to another account that has toons in another guild, this should be declared to the officers of both guilds with a full explanation.
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