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Library : Chat Channels

Last Updated 11/29/2006 2:28 PM
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Chat Channels
The command /join <channel name> allow you to join a player created chat channel. You can be in up to 10 of these at once. These channels can be seen across all servers (for instance, serverwide.thebazaar), on the server you play on (for instance, a bazaar channel for auctioning gear), or be password protected (and moderated) to protect sensitive information (such as an officer meeting for a guild).

To talk in each channel, you need to find out what channel number the channel you wish to say something in is. To do this, type /list. That will bring up a list of channel names along with the number of people in each channel. Then, type in /# <text> (where # is the number of the channel you want to talk in).

To join a password protected channel, you first need to find out not only the name of the channel, but the password. Once you have both pieces of information, type in /join <channel name>:<password>. To join a chat channel on another server, put the name of the server in front of the channel's name (/join antonius.bazaar).

Player made chat channels are not permanent, meaning that once the last person leaves, the channel is gone, with one exception. Password protected channels last for 24 hours after everyone leaves.

Please Note: /chat and / can be replaced with a ;, for example: /chat set can become ;set

General commands
/# <text> (where # is from 1 to 10) = Sends text to a particular chat channel.
/announce = Announces when a player leaves a chat channel.
/autojoin <channel1:password>,<channel2:password>... = Automatically joins the specified channels when you log in.
/chat grant <player> <channel> = Grants op (operator) status to a person on a channel.
/chat set <channel1>, <channel2>... = Lets you join multiple chat channels at once.
/join <channel name>:<channel password> = Joins a chat channel.
/leave <channel #> = Leaves a particular chat channel.
/leaveall = Leave all chat channels.
/list = Lists all chat channels you are on.
/list # (1-10) = Shows the names of whoever is on that channel.
;oplist <channel> = Shows the current op list and owner of a channel.

Moderator only commands
/chat invite <player> <channel> = Invites someone to a chat channel.
/chat grant <player> <channel> = Grants someone moderator status (non permanent) on a channel.
/chat kick <player> <channel> = Kicks someone out of chat channel.
/chat moderate = Moderates a chat channel so only permitted people can speak.
/chat password <password> <channel> = Sets a password for a particular channel.
/chat voice <player> <channel> = Allows someone to speak on a moderated channel.

Channel owner only commands
;opadd <player> <channel> = Sets a person as a permanent moderator on a channel.
;setowner <player> <channel> = Sets a new owner of a channel.

Known active public channels:

alliance -- The Alliance of Friends; open to any, wide level range including sub-65, can be a place to find groups, good place to get help as a new player

iksar -- For Iksar toons and softskin collaborators; chat channel

eurozone -- Used for organising groups, raids, for folk who typically play during the European play times

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