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Library : Enrage and Rampage

Last Updated 12/15/2006 1:36 PM
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Many mobs, especially those that are named, planar and higher level mobs enrage. This is frequently shortened to rage, when announced in group or raid chat. Mobs that enrage will do so when they drop below 10% HPs and it lasts briefly. You will be allerted to the beginning of enrage by red text in your combat window saying Such-and-such-a-mob has become enraged followed shortly by Such-and-such-a-mob is no longer enraged. That time however brief, is not brief enough if you miss that message and plow enrage, which usually means you die.

So, what is enrage? As previously said, enrage occurs when a mob drops below 10% HPs. Enrage allows the mob to reposte every blow that is delt to it. So, if you have a fast weapon, are hasted and wearing a haste item, if you should by misfortune duel wield and execute a double attack, you will receive damage that much faster.

What do you do? Simple, you watch the mobs HP approach 10% and look for the enrage message and when you see it, you simply stop attacking. Thats all it is. You dont even have to take a step back. Just turn off auto attck. When enrage is over, you attack again. This is true for ALL melee who are fighting hand to hand, sword to sword with the mob. and that includes pets. If you have a pet, you will want a handy hotbutton to pull you pet off of the mob.

Note: plowing is what your friends will tease you for should you take enourmous damage and/or die due to failing to stop attacking during enrage.

A note on pets: because enrage is the act of the mob sucessfully reposting attacks, attacks from behind will generally not be reposted. If you can set your pet to guard such that when it is sent in to attack, it attacks the mob from behind, you are less likely to lose said pet to plowing enrage when you dont pull it off the mob fast enough.


Old world rampage is very easy to control once you understand it. The rules are set in stone and are always the same. Every time someone comes up with some "mystery" rampage it turns out that other factors came into play and rampage did indeed work as advertised. These rules apply to all PRE-Planes of Power rampage mobs. With the advent of PoP, mobs gained the ability to AE rampage so those rules have changed, but the rules below still apply for all pre-PoP mobs and all mobs that SINGLE rampage.

So, what is Rampage? Rampage is a proc that damages someone other than the player who is highest on the mob's hate list (has current aggro).

Rules for single rampage:

1. The rampage list is static and is not changed by zoning or death. The only things that will change the rampage list is a successful memblur, camping out, or on rare occassions when FD successfully memblurs.

2. The rampage list is set in the exact order that players get agro, they do not have to do damage, bard songs and debuffs will also get someone on the rampage list as will proximity and in some cases line of sight is enough.

3. Rampage hits only 1 person each time it triggers. The person taking rampage is subject to a full normal round of attacks. If the mob quads and bashes, 1 round of rampage will be a quad + bash (if bash is up), or 5 hits if the mobs successfully dual wields, bashes and double attacks while you fail to dodge, parry, etc. on all the attacks.

4. Rampage NEVER hits the person who has current agro (unless noone else has aggro'd or cast on the 1 person who has main aggro), even if they are #1 on the rampage list. If the top person in rampage range has agro, it will hit the next person on the list that is in range.

5. Rampage has a range and it is different for every mob. For some mobs, the range is smaller than a players max melee range (max melee= the furthest you can stand from a mob and still hit it), for other mobs the range is the entire zone.

6. Rampage never hits someone who has successfully FD'd. When the person gets back up they will resume their place on the rampage list unless they got lucky and the FD memblured the mob. This is why monks and SKs are great rampage tanks. If they miss a heal, they can FD until a heal lands.

7. Rampage is a proc. Cripple helps reduce the number of rampages a mob does.

Learning to manage rampage is best done on a perma-rooted rampaging mob - The Itraer Vius in Akheva is a good example of this.

Keep in mind that these rules only apply to pre-PoP mobs. AE rampage is a whole different beast.
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