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Library : Stats explained

Last Updated 12/1/2006 11:05 AM
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This is probably the most important skill for tanks.  Strength
affects your maximum damage cap, the average damage you do, how much stuff
you can carry and how quickly you learn many offensive skills.  If
you plan on wearing heavy armor and carrying around a lot of extra equipment,
you will need decent strength.  With a high strength you can carry
more loot and armor and go longer before having to run back to town to
sell.  If you plan on soloing, you may want to put extra points into
strength, even if you are a magic user.   It is definitely important
for a fighter type to have good strength, but you should also consider
some of the other attributes.


One of the most important stats for all classes.  The higher
your stamina, the more hit points you get for each level.  Over time,
this can really pay off.  It also affects how well you can breathe
underwater.  This is more important for the tank classes than magic


This determines how hard you hit with your bows, how quickly you
learn weapon and rogue skills, and how often a magic weapon will process
it's skill.  This is a good skill to have for fighters, especially
rangers and rogues, and of only limited use for magic users.


This determines how often you get hit or missed by an attack and
how much damage you take when you get hit.  It also affects how quickly
you learn defensive skills.  Since you will take less damage and have
a better chance of not having your spells disrupted if you have a higher
amount of agility, this is useful for both fighters and magic users. 
However, for magic users, its usefulness diminishes as you go up in levels
and spend less time in actual melee.  I wouldn't bother with this
stat too much for a magic user who plans on grouping most of the time,
but a solo magic user should probably have a high agility.


The most important stat for the basic caster classes.  For Wizards,
Magicians, Necromancers and Shadow Knights, the higher your intelligence,
the more mana you get for each level. This is obviously very important
since without mana a magic user is basically worthless.   The
higher value of intelligence or wisdom is used to determine how quickly
you will learn most of your skills, which makes having one or the other
high useful for all classes.  Many would suggest that a magic user
put all of his points here.  Certainly, if you plan on spending most
of your time in a group, intelligence is the most important stat to boost.


The same effect as intelligence for the deity-based magic users: 
Cleric, Shaman Druid, Paladin and Ranger.  The higher your wisdom,
the more mana you get for each level.   Very important for the
deity-based magic users, but much less important for everyone else. The
higher value of intelligence or wisdom is used to determine how quickly
you will learn most of your skills, which makes having one or the other
high useful for all classes.


The biggest effect of charisma is in the amount you will get buying
from and selling to NPC?s.  If they like you, they give you a better
deal, which is not to be ignored in the cash starved world of Norrath. 
Charisma also affects the saving throw for charm spells, which makes it
very useful for bards and enchanters.

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