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Library : Equipment Effects

Last Updated 12/3/2006 8:12 PM
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Equipment Effects

There are many effects equipment can give. Some stack with eachother, some stack with buffs, some do not.

Haste - Items, spells, songs, even quivers
Focus Effects - Items
Flowing Thought, HP Regen, Vengeance - Items

There are three types of melee haste. Item Haste, Spell or (normal) Song Haste and "Over" Haste. Overhaste is also referred to as Bard or Song V3 Haste.

The three types of haste will stack with each other, but only the largest of each effect will be used. Thus if you have Silver Chittin Hand Wraps (20% Item haste), a Cloak of the Crystalline Waters (35% Item), and are buffed with Celerity (47% Spell) and Vallon's Quickening (68% Spell) your total potential haste will be the sum of the largest effects of the two types, ie: 35% (item) + 68% (spell).
However, your maximum amount of haste is capped based on your level. The haste caps by level are reported to be:
Level 01 - 30: 50%
Level 31 - 50: 74%
Level 51 - 55: 84%
Level 55 - 59: 94%
Level 60 - 65: 100%.
So, in the case above, with a 35% item and Vallon's at 68%, your theoretical haste would be 103%. However, if you were level 53, you would be capped at 84%.

Now, add in the fun of "Over" haste. There are a series of bard songs which have a third category of haste. I believe that the main one we have is the Warsong of the Vah Shir (Bards, feel free to correct me!). This song has what is known as V3 haste, which stacks on top of both your item haste, and spell haste, AND is NOT subject to the haste level cap. So, while our level 53 melee-er with his 35% item and Vallon's, would be capped at 84% haste, he could get a Bard to sing Warsong of the Vah Shir, and push him to 109% haste.

Just to be confusing...There is another type of haste that some people take advantage of, quiver haste. Some arrow containers, like the Fleeting Quiver, have special haste for ranged attacks. Their quiver haste is their weight reduction statistic divided by 3. So the FQ with a WR of 60% has a quiver haste of 20%. This haste will stack on top of the three other types of haste, and is also not subject to the haste cap. So a Level 60 Ranger with a CoCW, Vallons, WSotVS and a Fleeting Quiver, fires their arrows at 145% haste, or 2.45x the speed of a similarly equipped, but unhasted Ranger.

Focus Effects
Focus Effect items come in four different levels. They refer to the level of the spell cast, not to the level of the player. Focus Effects of the same type do not stack, if you are wearing both an Affliction Hate I and an Affliction Haste II item, only the Affliction Haste II item will have effect.

The level of effect to spell level are:
I - Spells lvl 20 and below
II - Spells lvl 44 and below
III - Spells lvl 60 and below
IV - Spells lvl 65 and below

Keep in mind that there are restrictions on the focus effects for things they do not have an effect on. For instance Improved Healing II does not effect complete and percentage heal spells.

There is a very useful website for searching for focus effect equipment and understanding what the parameters for each item are. Some of the pages that it opens are broken links, but the allakhazam page it opens is VERY useful. As always with Allakhazam, remember that there are things listed there that do not exist on our server. Keep an eye on the dates and eras listed in the left hand column.

Flowing Thought, HP Regen, Vengeance
Flowing Thought, HP regen, and Vengeance (+ATK) items do stack up to certain limits though. FT15, Veng15, and probably limit on worn HP regen -- 15 also.

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