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Library : Spells

Last Updated 8/29/2007 10:47 AM
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Though Allakhazam and other class specific websites for EverQuest are useful for understanding how to play your class, you have to keep in mind when reading them that for the most part they reflect updates and expansions that the Al'Kabor server has not received.

Dwin's spell list is tailored for our server. If its not there, we dont get it on Al'Kabor. A note on the stacking information provided there: the link in the upper right hand corner lists all the other spells the spell in question will NOT stack with.

Note that spells you get at certain levels are too powerful to be applied to lower level characters. Sony has nerfed them to prevent people from making players invulnerable at their levels. 

Therefore the spells you get at level 50 and up can only be applied to players according to the following chart:

spell level - min target level 
50,51      - 40 
52,53      - 41 
54,55      - 42 
56,57      - 43 
58,59      - 44 
60,61      - 45 
62,63      - 46 
64,65      - 47 

Most of the spells from level 61 on are acquired via quest turn-ins. These require Ethereal Parchments (EPs, level 61 & 62), Spectral Parchments (SPs, level 63 & 64), and Glyphed Rune Words (Glyphs, level 65). These items are only found in the Planes of Power zones. They are NO DROP items, but the spells are tradable and as such the items can be MQ'd, meaning you can turn them in for another person and give them the spell you receive.

There is special etiquite surrounding obtaining these items. If you are in a group and one drops, the casters present sound off on whether they need the item.  Assuming all casters present say they need the item and it is the first to drop for the group, then all casters will roll their dice /rand 1 100 and the highest roll wins. The person who won that roll is now inelligable to roll on another EP untill all casters in the group have received one.

There are few faster ways of pissing off people than looting these items out of turn. Always be sure to double check that you are supposed to be looting before doing so. If you make a mistake, offer to MQ the spell for the offended party.

You WILL obtain duplicate spells when turning in EPs, SPs and Glyphs. Though some people swear by saving up four of the same item at a time for turn in, this can also result in duplicates. Please pass any duplicates you receive to your guild members. If you cannot find a guild member or other friend of the spell class, please donate the spell to the guild bank.

Sanctuary keeps a well ordered bank of spells obtained on raids and from member donations. Please utilize this resource!

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