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Library : Food and Drink

Last Updated 7/24/2010 4:58 PM
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Food and drink items can add stats to your character if they are stored in either the first and second primary slots in your inventory or if they are in the first and second slots in the container in your first primary inventory slot.

The top left primary inventory slot is your first primary inventory slot. The second from top left primary inventory slot is your second primary inventory slot. If you have a container in your first primary inventory slot, you want the food and drink in the top two inventory slots in that container.

You cannot receive stats from two food items or two drink items. You can receive stats from one food item and one drink item as long as they are stored in the proper slots. Your items can be stacked.

Because much stat food is difficult to make or to obtain the ingrediants and is generally time consuming, it is generally ill advised to actually eat your stat food. But you say, I automatically eat and drink the items in my inventory. Well, yes you do. But you can prevent yourself from doing this through what is known as force feeding.

In order to preserve your stat food you will want a supply of regular non-stat food on hand as well. Periodically, you will eat and drink the non-stat items by placing them in a primary inventory slot and right clicking on them. You want to do this untill you get the message that you could not eat or drink any more. This is force feeding. It will lengthen the time before you will next automatically consume the food and drink in your bags. You have to remember to do this periodically or you will eat your stat food automatically.

Horses require extra food and drink. If you have a horse, you will need to carry twice the amount of food and drink that you needed without a horse.

Some of the best stat food is:
Misty Thicket Picnic
This is a Miraculous Meal
STR: +5   STA: +5   WIS: +5   INT: +5   HP: +20   MANA: +30   
WT: 0.1   Size: LARGE
(trivial baking 335)

Halas 10lb Meat Pie
This is a Miraculous Meal
DEX: +5   STA: +5   AGI: +5   HP: +30   
WT: 7.2   Size: GIANT
(trivial baking 226)

The best stat drink:
Qeynos Afternoon Tea
This is a Miraculous Drink
DEX: +5   WIS: +5   INT: +5   AGI: +5   
WT: 0.1   Size: SMALL
(brewing trivial 226)

Note the trivials on these. These are not items you want to eat carelessly!

Sanctuary has a large supply of Halas meat pies to distribute. Please speak with Kawaii if you would like some. Kawaii also has Qeynos Afternoon Tea but she will not give these to characters below level 46 because of the difficulty in obtaining the tea leaves needed to make them. If you can provide your own tea leaves, great! (these are foraged in East Karana BTW)

Stat foods for resists are listed here

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