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Library : Horses

Last Updated 8/23/2007 10:44 PM
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What does a horse do?
What are the limitations of a horse?
Who should have a horse?
Where do I get a horse?
How much does it cost?
Upgrading a horse

What does a horse do?
A horse enables you to meditate without sitting down. This avoids annoying sitting agro.

What are the limitations of a horse?
A horse can only be used in outdoor zones.
Horses cannot go in water - if you enter water, your horse disappears.
You do not have the sitting rate of mana and HP regen while fighting on horseback. Fighting on horseback gives the same regen rates as fighting off of a horse.
The very cheapest horses have a negligable effect on runspeed. All horses start out slow and then speed up, they also take a moment to stop moving, this makes movement on a horse a bit awkward.

Who should have a horse?
All non-melee casters should eventually acquire a horse. Healers should acquire horses as soon as they can. Some hybrids such as beastlords use horses, but remember, fighting on a horse does not improve your regen rates. Paladins and Shadowknights can acquire horses through AAs.

Where do I get a horse?
To acquire a horse you need a bridle which will summon a horse for you.
Bridles can be purchased in the Bazaar in the stables.
Some very tough mobs drop bridles. There are two, one use only, quested bridles.

Looted Bridles:
Black Ornate Chain Bridle 

Black Silken Bridle

Brown Ornate Chain Bridle
 - no drop info on Alla. . .

Brown Silken Bridle

Tan Silken Bridle

White Ornate Chain Bridle
Ssraeshza Temple

White Silken Bridle

Quested Bridles:
Bridle of Sir Ariam - 1 charge
Ghostly Bridle - 1 charge

How much does it cost?
Starting price is 8400pp and goes up to 103950pp (as quoted by Alla with 105+ CHA. Please notify if you find these prices are wrong)
Yes, its a lot of money. If you are a healer or other wise have a bug to own a horse, start saving. As soon as you can, about level 35, start hunting Hill Giants in Rathe Mountains. And then save every copper you dont spend on spells. It might take you many levels, but you will get there. Don't beg for plat, but if you make it known to the guild that you are saving for a horse, some people may be willing to make a donation to your cause. PLEASE DONT BEG!

Purchased Bridles:
Tan Rope Bridle              8400pp
Brown Rope Bridle          8400pp
White Rope Bridle           9450pp
Black Rope Bridle           9450pp

Tan Leather Bridle             27300pp
Brown Leather Bridle         27300pp
White Leather Bridle          31500pp
Black Leather Bridle          31500pp

Tan Silken Bridle               60900pp
Brown Silken Bridle           60900pp
White Silken Bridle            65100pp
Black Silken Bridle            65100pp

Tan Chain Bridle                95550pp 
Brown Chain Bridle            95550pp
White Chain Bridle          103950pp
Black Chain Bridle          103950pp

Some notes:
The colors tan, brown, white and black are the color of the horse the bridle summons.

Speed Comparison:

  • Run0: (29.8 coordinates/sec)

  • Rope horse/small drum (9k): +7% (31.886 coordinates/second)
  • Leather horse/medium drum (30k): +43% (42.614 coordinates/second)
  • Silk horse/large drum (60k) : 78% (53.004 coordinates/second)
  • Chain horse/giant drum (100k): +114% (63.772 coordinates/second)
  • Ornate chain horse/glowing Drum/Paladin/Shadowknight AA horse: +150% (74.5 coordinates/second)

  • Run1: +10% (32.78 coordinates/second)
  • Run2: +20% (35.76 coordinates/second)
  • Run3: +30% (38.74 coordinates/second)
  • Swift Journey 1: +40% (41.72 coordinates/second)
  • Swift Journey 2: +50% (44.7 coordinates/second)

  • Jboots: +35% (40.23 coordinates/second)
  • Tboots: +35% (40.23 coordinates/second)

  • Spirit of the shrew: +30% (38.74 coordinates/second)
  • Illusion Scaled Wolf: +45% (43.31 coordinates/second)
  • Spirit of Wolf: +55% (46.19 coordinates/second)
  • Spirit of Eagle: +60% (47.68 coordinates/second)
  • Share Wolf Form: +60% (47.68 coordinates/second)
  • Share Form of the Great Wolf: +62% (48.276 coordinates/second)
  • Flight of Eagles: +65% (49.17 coordinates/second)
  • Spirit of cheetah (selfonly): +115% (64.07 coordinates/second)
  • Bard speed (at runspeed cap, absolutely max in game): +156% (76.288 coordinates/second)

Upgrading a horse
Horse bridles are nodrop but can be exchanged for part of what you paid for it with the stable hands in the bazaar. These stable hands are right next to the vendors that sell the bridles and are associated with a specific color of mount. Hailing the stable hands will tell you which color of mount he deals with. Give the stable hand your bridle and he will give you a bag of platinum pieces which can then be sold to any NPC merchant. You will lose more money selling back a white or black horse than for a tan or brown horse.

To mount your horse quickly, keep your bridle in your ammo slot and create a hotbutton of that slot by clicking and holding on it untill the icon appears on your curser. Place the icon in your hotbuttons pallete.

To dismount your horse, you can click off the spell icon in your buff bar, or type /dismount. It is highly recomended to have /dismount as a hotbutton for rappid dismounting when you need to run away.

To inturrupt a spell while on a horse, you cannot use a hotbutton while casting, but you can use a social button. If time is not important, moving backwards and forwards will eventually cause your casting to inturrupt. You can also type /dismount and then jump or duck to inturrupt the casting.

Horses eat and drink a lot! You will need to acquire food and drink at least twice as often, and if you are force feeding yourself to conserve stat items, you will need to force feed twice as frequently. You can cut down on the amount your horse and you consume by putting AAs into metabolism. If you have a horse, you may consider doing this after training run3.

Horses are big! They are hard to loot from, and someone wishing to trade with you while you are on your horse will probably ask you to dismount - horses have a glitch when it comes to trading.
You can get rid of the head and ears in front of your face syndrome by shrinking yourself. Shrink twice and horse will disappear from your first person view. This will make it easier to loot on horse back, but sometimes its just easier to dismount.

If you mount your horse while backed up against a wall, you run the risk of getting stuck in that wall or of being automatically ported to the zone in by the game to unstick you. Either way, its most inconvenient.

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