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Library : On Death and Corpses

Last Updated 6/13/2007 12:45 PM
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The Age of Bloodport
       Level 1-9
       Soulbinders and bind affinity
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Corpse Decay
       Resurrection Timer
       Chipped bone rod
       Bard, necromancer and shadowknight corpse locate
       Other device
Dragging a corpse
       Dragging two corpses
Summoning a Corpse
      % Experience regained
       Resurrection effects
       A buff with your rez
Looting your corpse

The Age of Bloodport
Until you reach level 10 your corpse will be irrelevant. In some cases the landscape will be littered with these empty husks. You lose no experience for death and you do not have to retrieve your equipment and other items from the corpse. Upon death you will automatically reappear at your bind point, this point is preset based on your race and will be located in most cases near a hunting ground.

Your bind point can be changed in two ways: All cities have a NPC called the Soul Binder. Hail this woman and she will prompt you to say "Bind my soul" If you say this phrase with the Soul Binder targeted she will change your bind point to the place you are standing. A selection of casting classes can use a spell called Bind Affinity . These are (CLASS/level spell is obtained): CLR/10 DRU/12 SHM/14 NEC/12 WIZ/12 MAG/12 ENC/12. These classes can bind themselves just about anywhere they choose with a few exceptions (some zones do not permit soul binding within their boundaries). These classes can bind any other player within the boundaries of any city and in select other places. It is generally advised to bind yourself in the Plane of Knowledge once you have outgrown the hunting grounds near your default bind point.

If you forget where you are bound the command /charinfo will return the name of the zone in which that character is bound.

Because you do not lose experience or have to retrieve your belongings from your corpse from level 1-9, many players find it convenient to kill themselves in order to return more quickly to their bind point. This is called bloodporting and is no longer convenient at level 10 because beginning at level 10 your gear remains on your corpse and you must locate your corpse in order to retrieve your gear. At level 11 you will lose experience points with each death.

Corpse Decay
Under level 10 characters return from death with all of their items, so corpses decay quickly. If you are level 10 and above, then you have seven days of real time (offline or online) to loot your corpse. It is strongly recommend that you recover your corpse as quickly as possible. If seven days pass and you have not looted your corpse it and the items on it will rot and will not be retrievable. If you are level 10 and above, a corpse with no items on it will decay in three hours of real time. Take this last point into consideration if you want XP from resurrecting corpses that are created in the process of a CR (this being the most common way in which a character over level 10 will create a corpse with no items on it).
Resurrection Timer
The Resurrection timer for any corpse is 3 hours of online time. Online time includes any time spent on any character on the account in question and any time spent at the character select screen.

Locating a Corpse
Sometimes when you die it is hard to locate your corpse. This could be for a number of reasons. Some open zones with wide open rolling hills or a lot of trees simply don't have many land marks, so even if you know a zone fairly well, it is possible to die and have no idea where exactly you died. Mostly this happens in unfamiliar zones.

If you feel you are about to die and you aren't sure you know the zone well enough to relocate your corpse, quickly typing /loc and then writing that set of coordinates down can save you a great deal of frustration.

Chipped bone rod
If /loc navigation is too frustrating for you or you didn't get /loc fired off before you died a chipped bone rod can be purchased for about 7pp. These are sold in many zones but most conveniently in PoK. The merchant, Mirao Frostpouch, is located in the building to the south east of the Soulbinder. He also sells cloudy potions which are invisibility potions.

Each chipped bone rod has three charges. You must place the chipped bone rod in your primary or secondary weapon slot and then right click on it to activate it. This will point you in the direction of your corpse. However, if you are bumped off this path by objects in the landscape such as trees, rocks, walls, you will have to use another charge to regain your path. Be aware of the environment you are going to be using the chipped bone rod in, and get as close to where you think the corpse is before activating it.

Bard, necromancer and shadowknight corpse locate
Bards get a locate corpse song at level 4. As they also have Selo's at level 5, they are a good choice to use to find a corpse with you. The bard must target you first, then sing the song this will cause them to target the corpse and point in the direction the corpse is located. If they veer from this path, the song will cause them to face the corpse again, very handy. If you have more than one corpse in the zone, the song will target the nearest one. If you are not in the zone with the bard, the bard song will cause the bard to target what ever corpse is nearest and this may not be yours.

Necros get a spell with the same effect at level 1, called Locate Corpse.  Shadowknights get the same spell at level 9. At level 20, necros also get a Track Corpse spell, which may be useful in some circumstances; Shadowknights don't get this at all.

Other device
Necrotic Divining Device has unlimited charges of corpse tracking and can be crafted by gnome tinkerers but may be fairly expensive.

Dragging a Corpse
There are many reasons for dragging a corpse, most commonly it is to move the corpse a safe distance away from the thing that killed you.

You may drag your own corpse by typing /corpse. It is wise to create a hotbutton for this. If you need to drag your corpse over a great distance, continuously clicking your /corpse hotbutton while running is a life saver, just make sure your target does not accidentally switch and that your corpse does not get left behind, you will get an out of range message if this happens.

If you wish to drag someone elses corpse you must first have their consent (see below) and then target their corpse before typing /corpse.

Dragging two corpses
You can drag multiple corpses at once with a hotbutton. To set up the social, give it a name of your choice then in the first command line type:
/target playernameA's corpse
In the second command line type:
In the third command line type:
/target playernameB's corpse
In the fourth command line type:

Put that social into your hotbutton pallet and then pound away at the appropriate key and drag those corpses.

You can consent another player to drag your corpse. Type /consent playername. Be sure to spell the players name correctly. Typing /consent playername again will deny that person permission. Typing /consent with no name designated will deny anyone you have given permission to. You can also give permission to a player who is not currently logged in. In this way you can give permission to your own alt. When you die in a group or a raid pay particular attention to instructions on who to /consent. Should you go AFK without consenting someone you may significantly hold up your group or raid.

Occasionally /consent playername does not actually work. Keep trying it and communicating with the person you are trying to consent until it works.

Summoning a Corpse
There will be situations in which it is impossible to locate your corpse. Dying below the world or in a deep pit of lava for instance. Dying deep in a dungeon or at the feet of a mob that sees through invisibility are other examples where finding a Necromancer of Shadowknight to summon your corpse is necessary.

To have a corpse summoned you and the necromancer or shadowknight must both be in the same zone as the corpse. The summoner will need to target you in order to summon your corpse.

The spells are:
Lesser Summon Corpse - Necro 12 / SK 25. Can summon corpses up to level 35. Uses component: Black Ceremonial Coffin (not expensive).

Summon Corpse - Necro 39 / SK 51. Can summon corpses up to level 65. Uses component: Jade Inlaid Coffin (expensive). THIS IS A 2-SLOT CONTAINER, IT MUST BE PLACED IN A PRIMARY INVENTORY SLOT.

Conjure Corpse - Necro 57 / SK 65. Can summon corpses up to level 65. Uses component: Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffin (not expensive).

Necromancers can obtain an AA called Call to Corpse which summons a corpse without using a coffin.

Provide your own coffin, or pay back your summoner.
Coffins can be purchased from Darius Gandril, the dark elf that stands near the fishing pool in PoK.

If you die on a Sanctuary lead raid and require a corpse summons, Sanctuary will pay for the expense of your coffin.
Clerics and Paladins can resurrect a corpse and retrieve some percent of the experience points lost based on the level of the spell used.

To receive a rez the character being rezed must be logged in. If you zone when a rez is cast on you, you will not receive the rez, if you are expecting a rez but want to zone for any reason, let the person who will be rezing you know so that they don't waste the mana rezing you while you zone. Occasionally a rez will be cast on you and will simply not receive it. Most rezers will let you know that they are casting rez, be sure to let them know that you have received the rez or not. After the rez is cast you must click the "Accept" button in the window that will appear on your screen. This window will tell you what percent of experience you will regain from the rez. You can leave this window up as long as you do not zone and accept the rez at your convenience. This is handy if you are buffing someone before accepting the rez and having your mana knocked down to zero from rez effects. But be sure to communicate this delay to your rezer as they may think that you did not receive the rez.

0% experience - Cleric 14/ Pally 22
10% experience - Cleric 19/ Pally 30
20% experience - Cleric 24/ Pally 35
35% experience - Cleric 29/ Pally 39
50% experience - Cleric 34/ Pally 49
60% experience - Cleric 39
75% experience - Cleric 44/ Pally 55
90% experience - Cleric 49/ Pally 59
96% experience - Cleric 56

Clerics can obtain an AA called Divine Resurrection which will enable them to perform a 100% rez once every 36 hours.

Also, the cleric epic has a mana-less clickey rez for 96% XP

All rezes will wipe any buffs the character receiving the rez may have had. Basically, don't bother with any fancy buffs if you are expecting to get a rez and don't buff anyone who is soon to be rezed unless they need buffs to retrieve their corpse.

Necromancers can also resurrect at level 53, their rez is for 93% but it comes at a great cost for someone else. For a necromancer to rez requires an essence emerald. An essence emerald is created by sacrificing a player that is level 45 or higher. The sacrifice kills that player with no chance of restoring xp  through rez.  That said, necromancers don't always have essence emeralds on them with which to perform a rez.

A note on rez: clerics and pallys and necromancers are players too. Do not waste their time. If someone is coming to give you a rez, drag the corpse to the most convenient zone line for them so they do not have to travel so far. Be polite in your request for a rez and accepting if they cannot come rez you, or cannot come right at that moment. Say "Thank you." It is always a good idea to carry peridots for clerics around with you. Offer your rezer a gift in return for the rez. Peridots, plat, stat food, give them buffs. Always say "Thank you."

Under level 25, if you die, there really is not much of a point in seeking out a rez, because the time that is involved in seeking one out could be better spent just recovering the experience through hunting. After level 30, it does start to become worth seeking out a rez.  Over level 50, rezzes are critical for timesaving.

Over level 51 death will not affect any experience put into Alternate Advancement. Only regular experience is lost with death and regained through resurrection.

Resurrection effects
When you are first rezzed, unless you received Divine Resurrection, you will have a 'Resurrection Effects' spell buff, and your stats will all be dramatically low, including hit points and mana and your speed will be greatly reduced. Make sure that you are well clear of the aggro range of any mobs when receiving a rez as the low HP from the rez effects will make you a magnet for mob aggro and you are likely to die again. You won't be able to receive strength buffs until the effects are gone with the exception of the shaman buffs Focus of Soul (Focus of Sevens) and Strength of Diaku (Talisman of Diaku) both of which include STR along with other stat buffs. If you are able to loot your armor before receiving a rez your HP and Mana will not be as low from rez effects as they would be wearing no armor.

A buff with your rez
Losing all your buffs after a rez can be a real inconvenience, especially if you're a caster, since you not only have to wait until the rez effects wear off, but also regenerate enough mana to rebuff yourself. There is however, a trick you can use to help speed things along.

First, load whatever buff that costs the most mana which you would normally cast on yourself after the rez. When the rez window appears, begin casting your buff. The trick is to click accept with approximately half a second to go before you finish casting your spell, which is harder than it sounds. If you get it right, your spell will land in the split second between your buffs being wiped and you being taken back to your corpse, where you will be greeted by your buff twinkling happily at you from your buff window.

Supposedly this works no matter where you are, but your chances of success are far greater when you're already in the same zone as your corpse, so you should use the time you would normally spend waiting to run back, if you think it's safe to do so. Just make sure the rezzer knows this, because if they try to rez you when you're loading a zone, you will miss the window to accept and they'll have to recast it.

Another use for this is when getting a hot rez in a fight with a mob with an AE spell such as Zelniak has, since you can arrive at the fight with a resist already in place. 

Looting your corpse
Right click on your corpse to open your corpse window. Just right click each item, and it will be filed away in its place; you may have to be careful about the order of looting to get items into the right slot, for instance the first weapon looted will go into your secondary slot if it can be equipped there. For bags, remember that they appear on your corpse in rows, left to right, but will be filed on your corpse in columns.

If you want to be resurrected later, but need your armor and weapons, leave one item on the corpse. Once it is looted, you can't put items back. However, if you keep the corpse looting window open, after several minutes it should close automatically, leaving the empty corpse still present. But remember that an empty corpse will rot in three hours of real time. 

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