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Library : 6: Atone that General!

Last Updated 2/21/2007 10:25 AM
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Darellian and Kawaii went to Iceclad early to check on the great turtle, whom they had heard had a craving for Shawl parties and munched them when he could find them. Lodizal did not appear to be up, so they went home.

The raid assembled, eleven strong, below the great tree. They were ported into Iceclad and began running to General Bragmur's hiding hole. On the way there, thier faithful druid noticed Lodizal wandering around in his usual haunt. One group of raiders was sent to dispatch the tortoise while the other delt with a pack of tracking wolves (noticed by the same canny druid) that a previous shawl party seemed to have left standing in the snow. 

The shaman gave them their orders.

Thror, the paladin, was the first tank
Gukab, the shadowknight, was the second.
Dueg and Karili, the beastlords, were a total of four tanks with their faithful pets.

Darellian, the seasond ranger, was scout to clear the trash and protect the party from roving cougars, wolves, giants and the omnipresent snow storms.
Junkin, the younger ranger, was to be Thror's assistant.
Sheeana, the youngest ranger, was to personally guard the General and report his health.

Darrelli and Miuma, the gentle clerics, were to heal their charges and keep the General in line with atone.

Tulian, the canny druid, was to heal and deal dammage as needed.
Kawaii, the shaman clad in kilt, was to keep everything in order and heal and deal dammage as needed.

(History shows that they all played their part with aplomb.)

Kawaii gave the General a new suit of clothes, carefully tailored to suite the exacting demads of the Dain himself. The General doned his new armor. Kawaii gave the General order from the Dain to march across Iceclad to treat with the gnome pirates who dwell on the far side. They all set out across the snowy island. 

Wolves and giants were dispatched with ease. First Sheeana attracted the attention of the General, and he had to be atoned. Then Dueg attracted the attention of the General, and again he had to be atoned. Then Karili went llink dead and Miuma attracted the attentionof the General so he would wait for Karili to return. Karili returned quickly, but the General was quite fond of Miuma by then (they are of the same size and halflings lack the beards that dwarf women sport), but he was eventually atoned and resumed his mission.

Durring the last fight of all, Kawaii accidentally bonked the General on the head with her scepter, he chose to ignore this offense untill all the giants were dead, but Kawaii was prepared for his wrath and had already dismissed her pet and hugged the General while he pummeled her. 

The cheering band crossed the ice, but the General only went half way and then refused to go on. Kawaii put a bit of fire to his toes and that got him moving, but when atoned, he went back to his spot in the middle of the ice crossing. Kawaii tried again and again, with the clerics atoning the General in different places. They tried the hill side, they tried one ice pad, they tried the other ice pad. Finally, the General grew tired of atone and fire under his toes and went to complete his mission, he spoke long with the pirate Nalot and they at last came to an agreement. 

The Avatar of Below appeared in their midst to congratulate the pirates and Coldain on their cooporation when he noticed the shawl Kawaii was wearing. He asked to take a closer look at it. Kawaii politly handed him her Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl. He disappeared, but before he left, he sliped a Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl into Kawaii's backpack.

And thus, Sanctuary reached Tier 1.

This will not be the last shawl worn in Sanctuary. Both Dueg and Tulian stand on the brink of completing the armor required to protect the General on his dangerous journey across Iceclad Ocean, to once again treat with the gnomes.

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