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Library : Journeyman's Boots

Last Updated 4/20/2007 1:09 PM
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Also known as Jboots for short, these are boots you can get through a quest, which give you increased run speed of 35%.

You can see the full quest write up here.

The following is the best write up of the Journyman Boots quest I've found --Darellian.

What are Journeyman Boots?

'Journeyman's Boots are what you seek? Ha!! I have those upon my feet and disintegrate will they if my life is taken. Extra pair have I and [rare trade] can we make.’

Hasten Bootstrutter

They sure don’t look like much toting that wimpy 1 AC, but it’s the effect that’s the killer. Journeyman Boots (Jboots as they’ll be called from now on) grant you enhanced running speed instantly. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, as soon as you right-click them, you’ll be given about a 25% boost in your running speed – which is more than sufficient to out-run nearly all the monsters in EverQuest.

There are a few KEY uses to Jboots.

Why do I want them?

Jboots are incredibley useful. Even classes that already have speed increasing spells can find some use in Jboots.

The first obvious benefit comes from the speed they give. Using Jboots you can out-run most of EverQuest’s flora and fauna. Find yourself in a battle you can’t win? Zap the boots, and make like a tree!  You’ll never have to ask for SOW again!

Using the Jboots speed increase, all pure casters can solo in some fashion or another. For Wizards, Necromancers, Mages, and Enchanters they’re an absolute godsend.

Another important use that’s often overlooked is their function as an ‘Insta- Click’ item. In endgame EverQuest, insta-click items are imperative because many of the difficult encounters will area-effect dispel you.  What happens is in a matter of a few seconds; all your life-giving buffs are stripped from your character leaving them very vulnerable (and in most cases, very dead). The solution? In your very first buff slot have Jboots. Since you can cast Jboots at any time, even fighting, when the monster dispels you, re-click your Jboots! Done correctly, the only thing the monster will dispel is your Jboots, and you keep all your buffs.

How do I use them?

Odds are you have boots with better stats than Jboots, so do you have to switch between them to use them? Not at all, you don’t even have to click them! Just create a hot key by click-dragging the boots into your hot key menu bar. Then set up a macro to that hot button that ties it to your motion key – end result? You click on the Jboots spell every time you click on the movement key! (NO, it won’t overwrite SoW, or SoE or any other movement enhancement, but if you don’t have any of those it will speed you up! Which is handy if you are running from a mob that just dispelled your SoW.)

How do I get them?

'I call for three things and Journeyman Boots are yours. I call for a

[Shadowed Rapier], call for the [Ring of the Ancients] and call for Gold,.. 3250 Gold Coins!! This the trade that I call.’

Hasten Bootstrutter

The Journeyman Boots quest originates in Rathe Mountains with a Yodatalking gnome named Hasten Bootstrutter. There are 3 items you need to appease the Jedi master:

1. Ring of the Ancients

2. Shadowed Rapier

3. 3250 gold coins (325 platinum works too and is a lot lighter)

The Ring of The Ancients is the hard part. So you might as well do that first.

'Ancient Cyclops do march the land. Long have they lived and crafted the Ring of the Ancients have they. I must have one and you shall go and fetch one for me. Seek the lands of the oldest Cyclops clans. Seek the plains and seek the dunes for there is one who is last. His clan was blown from the sands.’

Hasten Bootstrutter

There are 2 Cyclops to get the Ring of the Ancients from. The Cyclops that wanders South Ro, and the Cyclops that roams the Karanas but he’s so infrequent he makes the South Ro one the only real option.

The South Ro Cyclops is around level 28 to 33.

The South Ro Ancient Cyclops

Due to his level, this is the Cyclops the majority of people go after. No one completely understands how to spawn the Cyclops and there are more myths about spawn triggers than there are stars in the sky. So I’ll stick to facts.  The map to South Ro is here:

The Ancient Cyclops spawns on the desert side. The South Ro Cyclops appears to have an elaborate number of placeholders (monsters that spawn instead of him). So the only real tried and true method of getting him to spawn is to lay waste to the entire sand area of South Ro. Pay special attention to monsters with strange names as these could possibly be a placeholder for the Ancient Cyclops. Some say the undead at the tower seem to play an important role in him spawning. Unfortunately, the ‘experts’ debate whether it’s a good idea to whack all the skeletons there or not. I say do it. Leave no skeleton uncrushed. Many people agree that it’s important to have a tracker with you so you can find all the monsters with strange names. Depending on your efficiency with the ultimate destruction of the desert, this may or may not be necessary.

Some examples of strange named monsters are:

• ‘A Madman’ instead of ‘A Desert Madman’

• ‘A Crypt Mummy’ instead of ‘A Shriveled Mummy’

• ‘A Orc Warrior’ instead of ‘An Orc Warrior

Also, kill any and all zombies in the zone, but leave the Dervish Cutthroats alone. Everyone agrees on the fact that the dervs have nothing to do with the Ancient Cyclops spawning.

That’s the technique basically. Do that and eventually the Ancient Cyclops will spawn! Another theory is that there are no placeholders whatsoever, and the Ancient Cyclops will spawn regardless. I say, if you’re going to be there waiting for him anyway, you might as well kill everything that moves. Just in case. The Ancient Cyclops in South Ro is an uncommon or rare spawn, but he is the most frequent of the two Ancient Cyclops. It may take several hours of crushing, slashing, and maiming before he finally rears his ugly head (then again it might only take 5 minutes of said crushing, slashing, and maiming – depending on your luck). When you drop him though, that’s it, you’ve all but put the boots on your feet.

Loot the Ring of the Ancients and dance joyously!

Ring of The Ancients


AC: 6

INT: +5

The Ocean of Tears Ancient Cyclops

More info TK --Dare

The Shadowed Rapier

'Shadowed Men, foes to all, have appeared. Many lands do they walk. Invisible are they, but items they wield can be seen. Seek them out and return to me a Shadowed Rapier. Return it with haste before 'poof' goes the rapier!! No time to camp have you.’

Hasten Bootstrutter

Note: Before doing this step, stop by the bank and get 325 Platinum.

Compared the Ring of the Ancients, getting the Shadowed Rapier is a walk in the park. Shadowed Men appear in numerous zones, but the camps in Innothule Swamp are the closest to Rathe Mountains (the final destination).

The map to Innothule Swamp is here: Shadowed Men camp in Innothule is easily identifiable by a large rock hand sticking out of the swamp. Its loc is approximately -500, 1000. You’ll find about 4 Shadowed Men there. Be careful when fighting the Shadowed Men because they’re social and will assist each other. Best to pull them one at a time away from the camp. Continuously slaughter the vile Shadowed Men until one of them drops the Shadowed Rapier. Check all the corpses, sometimes they’ll be carrying the weapon, but you won’t see it. This step has never taken me more than a few minutes but some people have reported it taking as long as an hour or two. Eventually they’ll drop it and you’ll be that much closer to the famous Journeyman Boots!

IMPORTANT: The Shadowed Rapier is NO RENT! This means if you camp out for more than a half hour while you have it, it will –poof- and you’ll have to camp the Shadowed Men again. Once you have the Shadowed Rapier, it’s time to find Hasten and get your boots!

Finding that creep Hasten Bootstrutter

'Stopped I have done. Greet you I will. What business do we have? Hmm? Speak up!!’

Hasten Bootstrutter

Hasten Bootstrutter spawns in the Rathe Mountains. He runs along a set path but is a royal pain to catch! He’ll stop for a few seconds at a time in which you have to get right in his face and hail him before he takes off again. It helps to have a tracker with you because he runs a good distance around the zone. He can usually be found at or around 1042, -770. The map to Rathe Mountains is here:

There is a small possibility that Hasten wont be up at all. If that’s the case, look for a drake cleverly named ‘A drake’ he’s known to be one of Hasten’s placeholders. Also, Brother Zephyl is one of Hasten’s placeholders. He’s a level 60 Monk who cannot be killed without a good-sized effort. If he’s up, you’ll have to wait for him to despawn before you can hand in your goodies to Hasten. Run down Hasten. Hail him, hand in your Ring of the Ancients, 325 platinum, and the Shadowed Rapier. In return you get your JBoots.

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