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Library : Sanctuary Members

Last Updated 4/12/2008 9:21 AM
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Sanctuary Members - Mains Only

Sanctuary Members - Active
Aiwen, High Elf Wizard --------------------------joined spiring? 2007
Cato, Human Monk -----------------------------joined Spring? 2005
Darellian, Wood Elf Ranger --------------------joined 9/11/05
Dueg, Vah Shir Beastlord ----------------------joined April? 2004
Miuma, Halfling Cleric ---------------------------joined 1/8/06
Thangorlando, Barbarian Warrior -----------joined April? 2004
Thror, Dwarf Paladin ----------------------------joined 8/28/05
Tulian, Wood Elf Druid -------------------------joined 11/18/05
Waam, Wood Elf Ranger ----------------------joined April? 2004

Sanctuary Members -  MIA 
Bernadette, Human Monk --------------------joined 5/1/06
Bolandar, Human Paladin ----------------------joined 10/21/07

Cdmoon, Human Paladin -----------------------joined 11/13/05
Gindaan, Barbarian Beastlord ----------------joined 1/6/07
Junkin, Wood Elf Ranger -----------------------joined 4/1/06

Orska, Barbarian Shaman -------------------joined 7/10/06
Sodor, Human Warrior --------------------------joined Fall? 2004
Sonofdodo, Barbarian Warrior ----------------joined October? 2005
Tuon, Dwarf Paladin -----------------------------joined 7/1/06

If you have any corrections to make to this list please reply to this topic. Please use the guild portal roster for information on alts - the Event Attendance view associates alts with their respective guildportal member name. Keep your character information up to date.
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