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Library : Gate and Port

Last Updated 10/23/2008 11:27 AM
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Bind Points
Bind point default for new characters
Changing your bind point
        Soul Binder
        Bind affinity spell
Where is my bind point again?

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Blood port
Gate spell
Gate and port items
Port Spells

Bind Points
Bind point default for new characters
New characters are assigned a default bind point upon creation, this point is based on the character's race and starting city and will be located outside the gates of the starting city.

Changing your bind point
Your bind point can be changed in two ways: All cities have a NPC called the Soul Binder. Hail this woman and she will prompt you to say "Bind my soul" If you say this phrase with the Soul Binder targeted she will change your bind point to the place you are standing. A selection of casting classes can use a spell called Bind Affinity . These are (CLASS/level spell is obtained): CLR/10 DRU/12 SHM/14 NEC/12 WIZ/12 MAG/12 ENC/12. These classes can bind themselves just about anywhere they choose with a few exceptions (some zones do not permit soul binding within their boundaries). These classes can bind any other player within the boundaries of any city and in select other places. EQAtlas has a guide to bind points for further details.

Where is my bind point again?
If you forget, the command /charinfo will return the name of the zone in which that character is bound.

Some definitions
Gate is any spell or item effect that takes you to the location where your soul is bound.
Port is any spell or item effect that takes you to a location predetermined by the spell or effect used.

Because you do not lose experience or have to retrieve your belongings from your corpse for levels 1-9, many players find it convenient to kill themselves in order to return more quickly to their bind point. This is called bloodporting and is no longer convenient at level 10 because beginning at level 10 your gear remains on your corpse and you must locate your corpse in order to retrieve your gear. At level 11 you will lose experience points with each death. Note: this is technically a method of gating.

Gate spell
The following classes can learn a gate spell (CLASS/level spell is obtained):
CLR/5, DRU/5, SHM/5, NEC/4, WIZ/4, MAG/4, ENC/4 that when cast will transport them to their bind point.

Gate and port items
Every class can use gate and port items.

Item NameCastTime
ChargesGate/PortItems and Skills Required
Vial of Velium Vapors 10
Port to Thurgadin
see below
Other notes on Vial of Velium Vapors

the HQ firing sheet and glass shards are purchasable, velium and crystaline silks drop in various Velious zones, notably Velks and Crystal Caverns.

*requires indiferant of better Coldain faction to get Purifier from Frundle Frekner, potions vendor at n375, p500. Near the scary staute.

These are lore, you can't have 2 at a time. You CAN, however, have more than 1 empty Velium Vial at once, as those are NOT lore. So, make a few of them in advance and keep them along with a stack of the small pieces of velium in the bank. Every time you use one, it brings you right to Thurgadin anyway, so while you're there, run to Frundle, get a purifier, combine one of your conveniently pre-made vials with a couple pieces of velium, and you have another gate potion.
Item NameCast TimeChargesGate/PortItems and Skills Required
Talisman of Return 30
Port to 725, 411 in PoKnowledge
Quintessence of Knowledge Erudition Vine 42pp+ Tanaan Ginko 63pp (Alchemy, no-fail)

Magician of level 62 posessing
Spell: Talisman of Return

These are not lore, so you could carry more than one at a time.
Bone Field 30
1, 5, or 10
Port to The Field of Bone: 340, -1961 (ruins entrance archway near Kaesora) Sandlewood, Heliotrope (alchemy triv 170)
cost 168pp per combine
Frost 30
1, 5, or 10
Port to Everfrost: -919, 114 (at #2  marked on map with three igloos) heliotrope, oakmoss (alchemy triv 170)
cost  168pp per combine
Shadeweaver 30
1, 5, or 10
Port to Shadeweaver's Thicket
comfrey, figwort, heliotrope (alchemy triv 170)
cost 163 pp
per combine
1, 5, or 10
Port to Innothule Swamp
heliotrope, bladderwrack (alchemy triv 170)
cost 168pp per combine
Item NameCast TimeChargesGate/PortItems and Skills Required
worker sledgemallet instant (combat) unlimited Port to 2675,3394,-131 in The Overthere Quested - The New Worker Faction required! Venril Sathir. Protect the Shipyard quest seems most comonly used to raise this faction.

Small Clockwork Talisman 0.1 5 Port to 725,411,-158 in poknowledge Quested - Jimlok's Friend (Clockwork Talisman #1)
Items for this quest come from PoJustice, PoNightmare, PoDisease and PoInnovation.

Uses Quintessence of Knowledge as a reagent
Erudition Vine 42pp+ Tanaan Ginko 63pp (Alchemy, no-fail)
Vial of Swirling Smoke instant 1
Purchase from many merchants for XXXXpp
Tolan's Darkwood Breastplate 30
Port to 1880,-1060,2 in Lesser Faydark drops off Trakanon in Sebilis

Item NameCast TimeChargesGate/PortItems and Skills Required
Notes on Faithstones and Spiritstones - there is a stone for every class/race/diety combination for Clerics and Shamen - these are all cast time 30.

Should a stone fail to work on first attempt, try loging out of the game and back in.
To make any Faithstone or Spiritstone (Pottery: Yield 1, trivial 41), Combine the following in a Kiln, or Tanaan Kiln
High Quality Firing Sheet purchase
Divine Crystalline Glaze
                        ( To make Divine Crystalline Glaze (Pottery: Yield                          1, trivial no fail), Combine the following in a Glaze Mortar
To make Unfired Faithstone or Soulstone of your choice(Pottery: Yield 1, trivial 335), Combine the following in a Pottery Wheel, or Tanaan Pottery Wheel Components: Celestial Solvent, The Scent of Marr
In: Mixing Bowl, Collapsible Mixing Bowl
Item NameClass, Race and Diety
Port LocationUnique Item
Faithstone of Courage Class: CLR
Race: HUM
Mithaniel Marr
Port to 1017,-1689,-142 in Freeport westBag of Sea Salt
Faithstone of Decay Class: CLR
Race: HUM
Port to 358,-549,-35 in Qeynos CatacombsFishing Grubs
Faithstone of Deep Musing Class: CLR
Race: GNM
Port to 1226,-607,-38 in Ak'Anon Clockwork Koi
Faithstone of Fear Class: CLR
Race: ERU
Cazic Thule
Port to 1172,480,-37 in PaineelHatch Dace
Faithstone of Hate Class: CLR
Race: DEF
Port to 616,-809,-52 in  Neriak C
Glow Lichen
Faithstone of Life Class: CLR
Race: HUM
Rodcet Nife
Port to -164,-359,13 in Qeynos or Qeynos Hills?Surefall Sap
Faithstone of Mischief Class: CLR
Race: HFL
Port to -229,-306,-8 in RivervaleBlack Root
Faithstone of Nature Class: CLR
Race: HIE
Port to 14,-470,0 in Felwithe A
Cinnamon Sticks
Faithstone of Spite Class: CLR
Race: HUM
Port to -1411,290,-49 in Freeport eastCactus Pulp
Faithstone of the Learned Class: CLR
Race: ERU
Port to -645,-129,67 in Erudin or Erud's Crossing?Barren Flounder
Faithstone of Thunder Class: CLR
Race: HUM
Port to -203,-441,6 in QeynosThunder Salmon
Faithstone of Underfoot Class: CLR
Race: DWF
Port to 690,130,3 in Kaladim BStonefish
Spiritstone of Cabilis Class: SHM
Race: IKS
Brell Serilis
Port to -1961,340,-51 in The Field of BoneDeadbone Barley
Spiritstone of Everfrost Class: SHM
Race: BAR
Port to 115,919,-58 in EverfrostFrost Turnip
Spiritstone of Shar Vahl Class: SHM
Race: VAH
Port to 63,101,-262 in Shar VahlPayala Fruit
Spiritstone of the Banished Class: SHM
Port to 1401,-924,46 in Nektulos Forest Swamp Vegetables

Port Spells

Druid and Wizards can port themselves and others from place to place. For a complete list of where they can take you, see*. Be aware that this guide was written before the release of Planes of Power. Be respectful of your neighborhood druid and wizards, their time is valuable too.

*If anyone is aware of errors the eqatlas guide, please post, otherwise there seems no point in recreating it here.

Information gleaned from, and other citizens of Al'Kabor.
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