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Library : List of Dire Charm Mobs

Last Updated 1/19/2008 7:35 PM
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Dire Charm -- Enchanter and Druid AA that allows unbreakable charm on mobs level 46 and below.

Bastion of Thunder
 - Random spawns thoughout the zone 
A Lesser Jord Kjal 
A Lesser Brann Frienai 
A Lesser Vind Briesl 
A Lesser Vann Niesa 

Halls of Honor 
A Valiant Squire (Undead) - Located just past the first two guards at the zone in 
A Wrulon Youngling (Animal) - Located just past the first two guards at the zone in 

Plane of Air - Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind 
A Phoenix Scorchlet 
A Firewing Imitor Pet - Summoned 
A Vengeful Spirit 

Plane of Disease 
A Tsetsian Fly - Located to the right of the zone in, on a little Island 

Plane of Earth - Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands 
a miniature dustrunner - Animal 

Plane of Fire - Doomfire, The Burning Lands 
A lesser fiery steed (undead) 
A young Obsidian Tree Spiderling (animal) 

Plane of Innovation 
An Obsolete Unit - Located to the left of the graveyard and one behind the merchant building 

Plane of Justice 
A Festering Rat 
Several of the prisoners 

Plane of Nightmare- Random areas on the same side of the zone as the graveyard 
A Young Bat (Animal) 
An Ethereal Banshee 
A Wailing Banshee (Undead) 

Plane of Storms 
A Grezlan Cub - Located in the Forests area of the zone 

Plane of Tactics - Drunder, Fortress of Zek 
Giwin Mirakon - Located at the zone in 
A young Boar (animal) - Located in the pit 

Plane of Torment- Random spawns, they can spawn at the entrance 
A small Blood Raven (Animal) 
Rotting small Raven (Undead) 

Plane of Valor - One of these is located on the left side of the graveyard and another one just up from the river, there is also on down to the right of the graveyard 
A Small Tree Frog (Animal) 
An Undead Squire (Undead) 
A Rusted Suit of Mail 

Plane of Water - Reef of Coirnav 
A Sea Turtle Youngling 

Ruins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay) - Located near the zone in, down the first coridor, either to the right or left 
A Corpse Scavenger (Undead) 
A Scrounging Rat (Animal) 

Tower of Solusek Ro 
A Mephit Lackey 
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