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The Judges Return!!
Apr 20, 10 11:29 PM
New Echonis Artwork
Mar 9, 10 12:45 AM
Mission Architect Costumes
Apr 2, 09 10:38 AM
Costume Contest Completed!
Apr 1, 09 11:33 AM
Jan 19, 09 7:50 AM

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As Curon, one of our founding judges, said before he departed, "Our actions today will echo for all eternity, and history will not forget those of us who stood for justice. Freedom is never freely given, nor is it freely kept. So we must step blindly into the void, with the hope of preserving our humanity. This is our sacrifice for Paragon. Remember my fellow judges, you are now our legacy. Inspire one another, and reach out to those in need. For every hero has a calling and purpose in life, and you should be honored to give them a place among you. You will be known as the protectors of the innocent, liberators of the enslaved, and judges to the villianous. Though you carry on without us, keep us always in your hearts. Echonis de Avalon, The Silent Echo of Heaven, watch over them until we return."

Welcome to the Judges of Echonis guild site. We are a hero supergroup on City of Heroes™ Justice Server. We were founded in January of 2007. As of January 6th, 2009, we were ranked 25th of all villian and hero SGs (supergroups) on that server. Unlike some larger SGs, we do not put a lot of burden on our members. You are allowed to fight in or out of SG mode, SG colors, and SG costume. Although the promotions and influence rewards are based solely on prestige levels (NO POLITICS!!), a member can choose to not earn prestige, and he/she is still welcome in the group. 



The Judges Return!!

Echonis, Apr 20, 10 11:29 PM.

JoELogo2010c.jpg 2010 logo wallpaper2 picture by Echonis

2010 has finally come my fellow judges. With it comes great change. I have already been busy recruiting, adding to the base, and restocking it in preparation for the new City of Heroes Going Rogue Expansion. I have also doubled all prestige rewards for SG members. You can find details of that in the 'PAYCHECKS' section on the left side of this site. With the SG renewed, we are already seeing gains in prestige and ranking. Very soon we will return to the "Top 25" on the Justice Server.

And what would a new year be without a new logo for the Judges of Echonis? This has been by far the most refined to date. You might have noticed it at the top of the page. I have uploaded numerous versions into the gallery for you to use in your own graphic design projects. I also changed the music for the homepage. It's a song by Hans Zimmer if you're interested in looking it up.

Once we reach a suitable number of members again, I will be announcing the 2010 SG costume contest. In years past, this was a good way to get involved with the SG and impact our image 'in game'. Take care, and good hunting!


New Echonis Artwork

Echonis, Mar 9, 10 12:45 AM.

EchonisToonBak.jpg Echonis Toon Background picture by Echonis

Thought I'd throw up this recent piece I finished on my title character. I know things have been slow in the SG, but I just forked over a cool grand on a new gaming PC. As much as I hate to say it, the coming Ultra Mode in CoH inspired the upgrade. As such, I am planning on a major comeback into CoH. I have spent the past couple of months acquiring influence to fund the resurgence of the Judges. Last I checked, the SG had fallen to somewhere around the 32nd ranking on the Justice Server. It's a small margin to bring us back into the top 25. I should have the time to commit to this endeavor due to a lightened work load. The coming expansion and QoL improvements to the game should bring many new faces seeking glory and justice. Perhaps, I may even see the return of old friends. See you all soon.

Mission Architect Costumes

Echonis, Apr 2, 09 10:38 AM.
Links below currently do not work. I will see about getting new files uploaded once I reactivate my account. - 03/08/10.

Some of you may be interested in having the saved costume files for Echonis and Curon. They are available at the links below. Simply right click on the image name below each picture, choose "Save Target As...", and save it to the "Costumes" folder in your "City of Heroes" program folder. I will put a picture on here so you can see in advance what you are downloading. I will also get a version with the 2009 SG costume loaded in the near future.

ArchitectCostumes.jpg ArchitectCostumes picture by Echonis
         Echonis #1                    Echonis #2                   Echonis #3                   Echonis #4                   Echonis #5                      Curon #1

Costume Contest Completed!

DarkKnightFrank, Apr 1, 09 11:33 AM.
Congratulations to Amelia Heal-Ya, the winner of the 2009 Judges of Echonis Costume Contest!  Her medieval themed costume is now the official costume of the judges and she will be receiving 30 million influence for 1st place.

Also, congratulations to Nessux for his great contributions to the contest!  He'll be receiving the 10 million influence 2nd prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest.


Echonis, Jan 19, 09 7:50 AM.
Thank you all again for the memories. This truely is an awesome game, and it was an honor to serve you for two years. I will always appreciate the sacrifice of time that you made in order to build the greatest SuperGroup on Justice Server. Keep up the good fight, and turn always to the light.

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