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Welcome Marines!

The Rogue Isles Marine Corps is a Top 10 Villain Group on Guardian founded by Commandant Alpha-One on November 4th, 2005.   Our most active members include Commandant It Outta Be Botley, Colonels Gai-Jin, Sekmet's Fel Blood, Alpha Scion and Kahlan D'rane.

The End

GunSmoke78, Dec 1, 12 3:18 AM.
01-Dec-12, 0404hrs: Alpha-One is in a combined strike group assaulting the Rikti Mothership. 50 heroes and villains have joined forces and are holding the Rikti back. Bullets and energy beams are flying everywhere. Fade to black...

The End is Nigh

GunSmoke78, Aug 31, 12 3:48 PM.
I know I haven't maintained this site in a long time, but today it was announced City of Heroes and Paragon Studios will be shutting down before the end of the year.  I want to say I enjoyed playing with all my fellow Marines and coalition mates and I hope we cross paths again.  To new lands and new adventures.

Semper Fi!

Going Rogue release date announced and markets merging!

GunSmoke78, Jun 22, 10 2:29 PM.
NCsoft and Paragon Studios are proud to announce that players will have the opportunity to walk the line between good and evil (or cross it), on 17th August 2010 with the release of City of Heroes Going Rogue™continued

Here at Paragon Studios, we’ve been hard at work preparing our newest expansion, Going Rogue, for prime time. One of our major features, the alignment system that allows our players to switch sides, has presented the perfect opportunity for us to improve Hero and Villain auction and trading dynamics. In order to make the alignment switching system the most fun and rewarding experience possible, we’ve made a few key improvements based on beta tester and internal studio feedback.

Here’s a brief list of these upgrades:
  • Heroes and Villains can now trade and gift each other in Co-Op zones (except in PvP zones)
  • Players can Global Email (GleeMail) INF and most items to their characters regardless of alignment (some restrictions apply)
  • The Auction House markets for Heroes and Villains will become ONE continued

City of Heroes: Going Rogue Announced!

GunSmoke78, May 12, 09 11:16 AM.
I received the following e-mail late Monday, May 11th:

Paragon Studios™ is proud to officially announce the next City of Heroes® expansion, City of Heroes Going Rogue™! This will be the first major expansion for the City of Heroes franchise since the launch of City of Villains® in 2005.

Praetoria, a utopian mirror to our own world, hides a dark secret. Exploring this mysterious alternate earth, the heroes and villains of this world feel an uneasiness of doubt creep over them. Loyalties are questioned. Choices are made. Lines are drawn. As they search for the truth behind Emperor Cole and his Praetorian guard, brutal foes and fierce allies emerge, turning this once blissful paradise into a battle ground.

City of Heroes Going Rogue officially opens the "mirror universe" of Praetoria and an all-new alignment system that explores the shades of gray that lie between Heroes and Villains. For the first time, Hero characters can become Villains and vice versa, enabling Heroes to cross over to the Rogue Isles™ and Villains to experience Paragon City™.

For more information, read the official press release and check out our new Going Roguewebsite to view the announcement trailer and register for the latest news and updates for City of Heroes Going Rogue.

Issue 14: Architect is now LIVE!

GunSmoke78, Apr 9, 09 1:15 AM.
As most of you already know, Issue 14 is now live!

I've already taken on the new 6th rank of Commandant and renamed the 5th rank to General.  Individual storage permissions have been set in the base.

I've also added a new page on this site, as a place to collect our story arcs.  Post your arcs in the forums, and I will try to keep the page updated with everyone's custom arcs.
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