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Empyrean Aftermath

Welcome to the homepage of Empyrean Aftermath, a high-end raiding guild on Povar on Everquest.  We are a group of mature and focused individuals looking to raid together with superior skill and tactics, not mere numbers. We are catered towards people that are hard core raiders as well as casual raiders, with a DKP systems that benefits hours that you invest into raiding. Our raids begin at 11:30pm EST and continue for 3 - 4 hours Monday - Friday.  Currently we are a DEMI / TSS guild, looking to push through AG and FC by the end of 2008.  Empyrean Aftermath is currently recruiting most classes level 75 and above, server transfers welcome.  Please visit our forums for requirements and more infos!



Rahkim_VZ, Oct 30, 08 6:15 AM.
Been awhile since our last update but... yeah, those new apps we mentioned in the last one are still kicking ass. Took a week off of raids so peeps could enjoy the new expansion but now we're back and stomping through raids again. We've just needed that little bit of extra manpower to push us over the top, and now that we've got it.... EQ has been on easymode. Two more First Time Kills this week, more bonus DKP for the new kids yaaaay. 

Bitch slapped Sothgar on monday, nice to have a lil dps finally~
FTK on deathknell 1, w/ what... 30? in raid.
FTK on vald 2 the next night, with 30ish again. Second time we saw the script... i blame Rock's headache for us not getting both FTKs in one night =P


Congrats to Eaiana on a Warweaver and so starts the influx of TSS goodies.

our apps cheat!

Rahkim_VZ, Oct 16, 08 3:13 AM.
So we change our guild/guest app rules today and all of our new kids decide to exploit the dkp requirement by playing a big part in our first Sothgar kill and earning bonus dkp. Sneaky bastards, all of you =p

(seriously though, great job tonight guys)

Another one bites the dust...

Dordolekk, Sep 26, 08 7:53 AM.
After giving demi the cold shoulder for a couple weeks, we took a trip back this week and showed it what we were made of, clearing tier 1 in one night and finishing last night with a Devlin kill and our first Roley kill. Two cheers for everyone who stuck it out! Because I'm lame, and don't have any pictures of the Roley kill (I was half asleep when he died =\), I bring to you the greatest Devlin kill of all time:


LOL Dord.  Lucky us, I'm trigger happy with the screenies.  Congrats to Raynaldo for getting rid of his "flaming q-tip" and winning our first Daybreak, Bringer of Light and congrats to Vylexyn on a Rod of the Ruined.  Congrats to all on a EA first time kill against Roley and Adrianna.  That event is going to be on farm shortly.

SK Epic Click Rotation ~ ~ NOW!

537270294_Inactive, Sep 19, 08 1:09 AM.
After a pretty busy week, we decided to slow things down a bit and went to visit some old friends.  Then we went out to get some of our people their epics.  Congrats to Deviaant on 2.0!  SK 2.0 > all... may Deviaant's 2.0 help Zerkoff stay alive a little bit longer.

First Night in AG West

537270294_Inactive, Sep 16, 08 1:04 AM.
Our first night in AG West proved to be a learning experience.  Slow start but good finish.  We took down the Attendants of Sothgar after only 1 real look at it, spawning Sothgar himself who is next in line to die.

The Dragon has Been Slain. WELCOME TO ASHENGATE!

537270294_Inactive, Sep 11, 08 4:59 AM.
With a raid force of 29, EA took down Vergalid after only 1 previous attempt yesterday.  We've proven you don't need a huge raid to accomplish progression.  We kill things with our own little style and are moving into content unknown to a majority of us.  Congrats to all on good work.  We have some awesome things ahead of us.

It's time to slay the dragon~

Rahkim_VZ, Sep 9, 08 6:06 AM.
After taking out Nurtha and getting a FTK (first time kill) on Goru on Monday, its time to start banging heads with Vergalid as we push for AG access.... stay tuned!

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