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Welcome To Iavas Vilya
(Autumn Sky)
We are a dedicated group of friends that lets nothing stand in our way. We are founded on the basis of Friendship and Trust. We strive to help each other in every way possible. So please feel free to browse and enjoy this site.

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Wildfox!, Apr 5, 08 7:24 AM.
I know its been a while since I updated. Lots of things have happened though. Plenty of drops and accomplishments have been made. I dont have a picture for all of them but I will be trying to get them. I will however mention them here. First Congratulations to Sharini and Barrz for completing Redmage and Warrior artifact equipment, Congratulations to Ayasha for obtaining Duelists Boots, Congratulations to Ivie on obtaining Fenrir, and I have recently obtained a Denali Bonnet from floor 100 in Nyzul Isle Assault. Been some fun runs guys lets keep getting the good stuff for eachother^^


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Another Dynamis Jeuno drop.

Wildfox!, Feb 2, 08 8:31 AM.
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Dynamis - Jeuno

Wildfox!, Jan 16, 08 9:43 PM.
WooHoo Ayasha and I finally got some good drops of AF2 from Dynamis - Jeuno.

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Grats man!

Long wait, crappy XP, mind numbingly boring, and 100% successful!

Ayasha!, Nov 9, 07 9:37 PM.
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Charby 0, Champions of Light 1! Excellent job guys. I gotta commend you all on your patience... lord knows I was losing mine in there. Credit goes to Wildfox, Suhan, San, Kaomi, Aldaron, and of course, Charybdis for finally making her cameo appearance FOUR HOURS LATE! That's women for ya. Thank you all so much for hanging out, and hanging in there. I know I took up a lot of your time, but there's no way I would have EVER got this thing without ya'alls help. If there's anything I can do to give you a little bit of your time back, by all means let me know. I'd be more than happy to give up a bit of my day for ya'alls efforts.



Wildfox!, Oct 25, 07 7:46 PM.
Congrats to all who fought Fenrir tonight. That was a great display of team work.

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Were off to see the wizard!

Were off to see the wizard!

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