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Welcome Whitescars!
The Whitescars were established as a group of friendly, helpful players who are expected to aid their teammates and remain active. We have Been around since C2. With those goals in mind, the following bylaws have been established. 

Academy Requirements -
We really appreciate any and all work people do on their alts in the Academy. Since the size of the Academy is fixed we must have activity in there. This does not include active mains that wish to leave one alt in the academy unless there are active members wishing to use it. In this light, you must level your toon at least 1 level a week unless you have informed the officers otherwise. If, after 4 weeks, there has been no change and no communication from you, your toon will be dismissed. Please keep this in mind.

Attendance -
Members will be removed from the group if they are inactive for more than 30 days without notification of extended leave. To be considered active, you must log into the The Whitescars website at least once every 4 weeks. You must also play a character in game at least once every three weeks. If you will be unable to log into the website or play in game for more than 30 days, please notify one of the  Master-at-Arms or other officers. An absence notice should include a basic reason for being gone and an expected date of return. If you are absent for more than 30 days without giving notice, we will assume you have quit the group and will then dismiss you from The Whitescars

Power Leveling -
Please do not ask anyone to power level you. This is considered poor conduct. However, if somebody offers to power level you, it is okay to accept.

Botting, Walker, etc -
Botting is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught botting will be kicked from the clan immediately.

Clan Dues  -
we donot currently ask for any dues from our members BUT we always welcome ANY donations of Adena AND/OR Mats in to the Clan WH to aid the growth of the clan.

Conduct  -
Be courteous to all players, both in and out of the clan. There is no reason to verbally abuse anybody. Racism, sexism, religious slurs and any other verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Do not grief, kill steal or otherwise cause problems or interfere with other players' enjoyment of the game.  On a first offense you may get a warning but there is nothing stopping the officers from immediately dismissing you from the clan. As a member of this clan, you represent the group in the public eye. Please do not give us a bad image. Always respect other players and be civil.

eBay -
Buying and selling of in game items is prohibited by NcSoft. and you WILL be booted from Clan if caught.

Inter-Alliance Clan Hopping -
You may not jump between clans in our alliance without the prior consent of all clan leaders involved. We are one, extended clan and this does not help anyone out. Anybody found doing this can be dismissed immediately.

Level Requirements -
There are no level requirements. We welcome players of all types to our clan. We have players ranging from 1 to 75 and back again! We are willing to accept any player for the clan.

Roster -
All characters in The Whitescars must be on the Roster on the Whitescars' web site.  Members are to maintain accurate character level on the roster.

Screen Shots -
Take screen shot(s) if you are involved in any situtation that warrants a Leader taking action. Ex: You get trained, pk'd, flagged by another clan etc.

Social Interaction -
We are a community and as such encourage social interaction. Teaming up as often as possible is highly recommended. Chatting in Whitscars chat channel, Alliance Channel and posting on the forums is also highly recommended. This group is about friendship and fun. You can't have either of those if you don't talk to each other. When you do communicate, whether it be in forum posts, on Vent or in game, refrain from discussing divisive topics such as sex, drugs, religion or politics. Please remember, we do encourage both sexes to join. Making rude or downright vulgar comments is also grounds for immediate dismissal.

Vent -
All characters in The Whitescars should try to get Vent up and running if possible. This does nothing but help everyone. There are certain times when a computer or resources will not allow a member of The Whitescars to use Vent so this is NOT a deciding factor in membership. We just encourage its use.

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