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Eternal Chaos Downs Attunemen the Huntsmen

539042321_Inactive, Jul 19, 07 6:24 AM.
Congratulations to Eternal Chaos on our First Karazhan Boss Kill.!!

Here is what dropped from him:

Spectral Band of Innervation.
Whirlwind Bracers
Schematic: Stabilized Eternium Scope

If i wouldn't have been so overjoyed about the kill, i probable would have taken a screenshot. Maybe next time.

Tune in for more news about Boss kills.

Eternal Chaos welcomes its Sister Guild

538842663_Inactive, Jul 4, 07 1:08 AM.
Welcome members of Disciples of Alexstraza to our web and forums, please feel free to browse with leisure, add comments on how to make this site better, or suggest changes to make it more user friendly.

Blurb about Disciples of Alexstraza:

Disciples of Alexstrasza is a light Role-playing guild on the server of Sisters of Elune. Currently small in number, let that not discourage you from joining, as we are growing everyday, and plan to conquer the realm in the future.

Age of Conan, Hyborian Adventures

538842663_Inactive, Jun 1, 07 10:44 AM.
This is a very exciting and new MMO to be released sometime in October 2007. Eternal Chaos is makign preparations to set up a guild and a base inside of AoC. to learn more, head to our forums and view the AoC forum discussions.
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