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Fenrir Run and a Whole Lot More!
Mar 17, 07 1:58 PM
Fenrir Run Complete
Feb 28, 07 10:17 PM
Doll Festival Fun
Feb 26, 07 12:32 PM
Rare NM Spotted!
Jan 24, 07 1:22 AM
Jan 11, 07 12:08 AM

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We are Cuendillar, a FFXI linkshell on Ramuh. Members, please register so you can post to the forums, flaunt your 1337 character stats, and wreak all sorts of havoc. You know who you are. ^^


Fenrir Run and a Whole Lot More!

Wenrick, Mar 17, 07 1:58 PM.
Despite a late start and much confusion, we were able to get everyone together for one of the most productive nights in Cuendillar history. The Fenrir run came first, and once everyone had gathered, we started taking screenshots.

It all started in the Horutoto ruins, when we stepped on the circles of mystery.

We arrived at the place and fond that a party was ahead of us. We waited patiently for them to go, and before too long, they came back out, lying down on the job. Otherwise known as a "wipe."

But we were not to be discouraged! We could succeed where they had failed. We stepped up to the Full Moon Fountain and lined up randomly, prepping for another epic battle.

While Monove wrestled with the voices in his head, we entered the battlefield, shouted our warcry, and slowly began whittling away Fenrir's HP. This time we did get hit by his 2 hr, but a quick benediction by Tal fixed that right up. Onward the battle raged and it soon became apparent that Fenrir would not be the victor this day.

Eventually Conchenn and Saard would pull out the big guns and two nukes later, Fenrir was no more. Cuendillar had again been victorious! (Notice also how much damage Crescent Fang does to Monove. hehehe )

But the fun wasn't over yet! We still have 4 more WSNM's to kill. A short time later, we found ourselves in the dangerous Ifrit's Cauldron battling Volcanic Gases and bats. After safely arriving at the designated area, Lianna popped the skeleton and Cuendillar again went to work.

Congratulations to Lianna for obatining Retribution!

From there, it was on to the Sea Serpent Grotto, where we wound up facing not only the WSNM fish, but a hecteyes and two sets of bats. Unfortunately, I was too busy and forgot to take screenshots. In the end, nobody died, the fish with a huge amount of HP bit the dust, Andais got Impulse Drive, and I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Congratulations to Andais for obtaining Impulse Drive!

Onward we went the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. Most of us arrived at the spot early, which was fortunate for us, because Monove deicded to bring along his posse of kitties.

Monove had fun, but there were no baby seals to club, so I was a little disappointed. After the kitties were slain, we prepped up to kill the famous Greenman. Compared to the other ones we had, this one was a breeze.

Congratulations to Talradis for achieving Steel Cyclone!

The last leg of the trip was to the lair of Ungur and Amikiri, the dreaded Gustav Tunnel. At this point it was 3:00 in the morning, so my mind was too intoxicated with baby seal blood to remember to snap a screenshot. In the end, we slayed the bat without too much difficulty.

Congratulations to Surtur for achieving Evisceration!

Congrats to everyone on a job well done. No deaths at ANY of our events, and we had a ton of fun. You guys are the best! Tai'shar Cuendillar!

Fenrir Run Complete

Wenrick, Feb 28, 07 10:17 PM.
Congratulations to Talradis, Monove, Lianna, Surtur, and I on the successful Fenrir battle. Teamwork ruled today. Surtur took one for the team, and did a great job kiting for a while, but Fenny did strike him down. He was our only casualty and was instrumental in preventing Howling Moon from going off. Go SURT!

The only pic I was able to take was when we were prepping to go.

And I found a jewel of a screenie just for Monove. Curilla would be proud.

Congratulations to everyone! Cuendillar rocks!

Doll Festival Fun

Wenrick, Feb 26, 07 12:32 PM.
The doll festival has been here for a while, and Webby and I have been having some fun in Ru'Lude Gardens.

Rare NM Spotted!

Wenrick, Jan 24, 07 1:22 AM.
It was a rare occasion to find Lord of Onzozo unclaimed . . . a few months ago. Still, there's no way anyone will know that this wasn't taken a year ago or so. Oh who am I fooling. Well anyway, Lianna and I ran into LoO tonight while xping our NPCs. And luckily sneak let us get in close for a nice pic.


Wenrick, Jan 11, 07 12:08 AM.

Congratulations to:

• Monove for getting Detonator
• Talradis for getting Decimation
• Some guy named Mac who got Ground Strike.

Sadly, I only remembered to take 1 pic. I know Monove is going to hate me for taking it when he actually lost hate to Mac (who is a DRK. Whoda thunkit?). Doesn't matter; he's still the best Paladin this side of the Atlantic.

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