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Welcome to the GuardianSpirit Linkshell website!!!

The GuardianSpirit linkshell is a social linkshell on Ramuh server. We are always welcoming new people to join us and have some fun. This is a game after all. We can try to do things to help members out a little and maybe organize some ballista's and assaults, whatever we can do to not be bored. I dont play FFXI as much as I used to so i like to play and actually do something when I am online. Looking for Party isnt really exciting. So lets have some fun!

Recent Linkshell Events
We recently had a few members make a Swift Belt run in Sacrium. Unfortunately no Swift Belt's dropped from the 2 NM's we popped and killed. However we did manage to get a few subligars, including RNG, SAM, and NIN. I obtained RNG and SAM subligars and NIN subligar went to Guffy.

Here is the body armor I obtained from turning in the SAM and RNG subligars:


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