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Welcome to SCIONS OF VINDICATION  (Scions).  The name means 'Lines of Champions Able.'  We are a family oriented guild made up of new and veteran people who are striving to become champions of the World of WarCraft gaming, with the realiziation that we have Real Life (RL) interruptions.  Scions are people who are willing to support a clean, intelligent and mature environment; people who support one another so as to obtain the best skills they can; and people who want to just play casually and can become an end game raider.   We use the game as a means to connect and socialize with people.  We are a pool of many types of people who strengthen and edify each other. 

The leaders of this guild will strive to be uplifting, encouraging, open minded and willing to guide and direct members on how to play this game as they manage the guild.   We are totally aware that you paid for your account and toons, and will not dictate to you how to develop, train and make your toon, but we are willing to guide you through the right methods, steps and procedures should you need assistance.  

As we focus on end game raiding, guidelines will be established to progress in raid content and are outlined in the raiding section.

We realize that members will be joining and leaving the guild to expand themselves.  There shall be no animosity towards those who leave this guild for such purposes.  In the meantime we will be looking and watching for characters with leadership abilities.

THERE IS ONE MAIN RULE: Swearing and sexual innuendos WILL NOT be tolerated in guild chat, as it is a public forum, with all ages and sects of people involved.  If you need to vent or express yourself, please find a friend who can tolerate that kind of behavior in personal whispers or chat.

Otherwise we welcome you and hope you will find this to be an uplifting and fulfilling experience with WoW and this family, casual end-game raiding guild.

Here are some thoughts on having an excellent guild.
    1.    Get to know the game.
    2.    Submerse yourself in the community (guild and realm).
    3.    Perfect your game and your community (guild and realm).
Using these three guidelines will make any guild a successful guild.

2nd Officer - Admin/Financial Officer
1st Officer, Marder
Guild Master: Tarian, Adoratee
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