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Udated Roster Page
Dec 10, 07 3:09 PM
Website under construction
Dec 10, 07 1:28 PM
Blood Brothers is now Global!
Aug 8, 07 9:19 AM
Blood Brothers is a group of SERIOUS Raiders for all end game PVE inside of a friendly and courteous game-play atmosphere. Blood Brothers began by real life friends as well as me and my brother(Themyth and Thelegend) when the server was first started.

Blood Brothers
welcomes you to our home outside of the game.  Please make sure you create an account for the site and try to keep it as close to your in game name as possible.  Makes it easier to keep track of who is who.

If you have any suggestions for website changes, or would like to see an element that isn't currently here, drop Themyth a note, or post on our message boards in General Discussion!
1. You must have KTM or Omen and deadly boss mods downloaded and use them during Raids.

2. You must download and use Ventrilo (Voice Communication) on your computer at the very least for listening purposes. (Please make your Ventrilo name as close to your in-game name as possible)

3. You must be able to attend 2 of the 3 Raid days consistently.

4. You must be speced properly for the raid. I.E. Karazhan,Gruuls Lair, ect.

5. All Guild Members for Both Group 1 and 2 must send in-game mail if you cannot attend a Raid or if you are going to be late!

6. A weekly raid schedule MUST be sent to Themyth each week to inform him on what days you can and can not make raids.

7. You must be aware of the Ranking system and have a well understanding of what each Rank means and follow Rank Rules accordingly.

8. You must never go more than one minute AFK during a Raid unless a break is called by the Raid Leader

9. You must ALWAYS respect and have good manners to your Guild Members inside and outside of Raids.

10. You must ALWAYS stay loyal to the guild.

11. You must ALWAYS Respect and follow ANY orders given by the GM at any time!

P.S. Failure to follow ANY of these rules will result in DEMOTION or /GKick!

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Guild Leaders
Guild Master:
- W: Themyth

- H: Ensouled
- M: Thedynasty
- S: Rubidus
- P: Thelegend
- R: Demondarkage
- W: Insomniatic
- D: Unete
- M: Zalcor
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