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HoF Weekly
War with CR
Apr 28, 07 11:32 PM
The end of a chapter
As many of you know Heroes of the Future(HoF) has been close by it's leaders.
To me HoF was the best clan I've ever been in, joined June of 2005, left a couple times, but never could actually stay away. I've loved everyone in HoF for the 2+ years I've been in it. No clan can compare the passion we all had for the game, pking together, and the friendship that bonded eachother. We all were meant to be a Hero, Once you joined the brotherhood, you could never leave.There are a few people I'd like to thank, some I've known the whole time I've been in HoF.

01whitec2 - A great leader, a better friend. I will never ever forget how this man helped me grow, not as a runescaper, but a person in real life. He been my inspiration ever since I joined HoF. He's made a great clan, a very successful clan at that. May he do well in life, and succeed all his goals, he's done so much for us, hopefully he gets reward in real life for making the lives of 100, a whole lot different.

Jokerfool359 - I knew you since way back as pk leader in s9 forum. You always had a sense of humor I will never forget Doug Horey :) . You were a great leader, you knew how to cope with members problems, with all this leadership you still found a way to play hockey and continue your career in real life. You inspired me by you personality. I will never forget suiciding for you at king dag, good times, sure will miss you.

Master Eitan - Left HoF before it died, but, he's still a Hero, Once a hero, forever a hero. Remember? Anyway, Master Eitan has been my biggest inspiration in HoF. He's taught me so much the two years I've been in HoF, I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, forget this man. I won't remember him as an old man I use to play runescape with, but that perverted man, that taught me so much.

Shadow/Trunk/Nick/Claveler - Old HoF members(cept nick). They have always been great friends my runescape career, Trunk intro'd me to Shadow(Big mistake shadow gay irl, jk). They all were always cool to talk to. Nick sadly wasn't in HoF long, but still got to experience council life.

A long goodbye from Bren2k5, to Past HoF.

Now I'll post a quote from forums:

Dear Heroes,

This is extremely hard to write, I am going through so many feelings right now, but having difficulty expressing them. This clan, Heroes of the Future, has pretty much been my home for the last two and half years. I have used it as an escape from life. When things went bad in real life I knew I could always go on here and talk to people who didn’t know me and respected me for whom I was. Now my life is good, I have beautiful girlfriend who I love lots.. But I now use life as an escape from Runescape. I no longer have the desire to continue. I have had so many good memories here, but lately it’s not been fun at all. The aim I had at the beginning had faded the goals I set out were not heard of and this lead me further astray.
I could try and salvage what is left of HoF but, as many of you know, I have been very inactive and so has Joker, and well we just don’t have the passion anymore to recreate and then see it crumble once again. We have had our good times; we have had our laughs but now its time to leave them to memories.
But memories are not all that I have gotten out of HoF. I have learnt some amazing skills, my confidence has grown vastly, my leadership skill have been transferred from Runescape to real and I want to thank all past and present members for that. I couldn’t have done it without you.
What’s next? Well I am off to enjoy a long rest, after leading for two and a half years and playing for much longer I need it. I don’t know if I will be coming back, but I probably won’t.
Why am I not offering to let someone else lead? Well Joker and me decided that as we were the original founder and the clan in the state its in, it deserved to be rested and we also had the impression from some influential members that it should be left as it was. But we will allow someone if they want to create a rebirth clan, under a different name as we want Heroes of the Future, the name and the clan to be remembered for what it was.

I respect you all, I will leave these forums open and the IRC chat (#HOF) will be left open and I hope that you will all remain in these channels, old and new people and talk to each other and have fun.

For now and forever,

Goodbye HoF

Forever a hero… at heart


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